The Incredibles

Saturday’s orchard is always so crowded. Many came down town to shop for christmas gifts. Time really flies. Christmas is around the corner again…

Have been dehydrated from the trip. So i suggested to buy 1 big carton of orange juice to drink. My bladder does not hold a lot, been running in and out the toilet a lot of times. Craving for the Taiwan Xiao Chi at Far East Plaza. Man~ This branch always have a very long queue. Bump into Zhong Xing at Civic Plaza’s underpass. He seems late for some kind of appointment. Dinner at Taka’s basement 2’s italian restaurant, Pasta Cafe. Food is served fast and the portion is big.

Watched The Incredibles at Marina Square. Before the movie starts, they film a short animation clip by Pixar. Very cute sheep. Recommend others to watched The Incredibles as well. It’s not only about the animation, the characters are cute, the plot is also not bad.

The most memorable moment of the day is rushing to toilet after movie. It took us a big round to get to the nearest toilet. Almost cannot tahan liao.

Lester came to my house on Sunday. Had late lunch at the coffeeshop. Went shopping at Westmall, bump into Bernard and his girlfriend. Still his usual self, not much changes. Discover there is quite a bit of new shops coming into Westmall. Finally~ Been hunting for a new mobile. Dunno what to get yet. Perhaps still can wait.

Going back to work tomorrow. Sian~ Will be looking forward to weekends again. Heez~