The Devil Me

Mdm D: Can you call me when you are done with the template?

(Me called to confirm that she can access the document in the shared drive. And she called me after she reviewed the document)

Mdm D: Lay Hiang, I find that the company’s name flashes too many time. I don’t know whether is it appropriate. Where do you get the template from?

(Heave a big sigh and continue explaining reluctantly to this idiot)

Me: This is a template that I get from London. We have been using this for quite some time for many proposals.

Mdm D: But it appears too many times, I don’t know what people will think?

Me: Why don’t you concentrate on your content and we’ll discuss about this later?

(Phone hang up)

I am the only person in the god damn hell company doing designing. The dateline for this tender is tomorrow. Seriously, you shouldn’t ever ask about the design but work on your tender content. Don’t ever question where the source is from, you doubt my creditability. I am a professional, but never feel like so.

1 hour after the phonecall, I spoke to Ms N. I complain to her what had happen. I learnt from her till that minute, that hour, Mdm D has not begin on the writing yet. Goodness gracious me… Still wanna pin point on me when you haven do your part. The culture of the other office “Ai Zuo Bor Zuo! Bien Zuo Cok Cok Zuo!” (Hokkien lah~) Some more don’t even know how to format a bullet point. May she work till 12am.

I truly understand why the elder people feel threaten by the younger generation at work. I have seen these useless old people typing using 2 FINGERS, don’t know how to use MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel but working as a secretary or what we call the support staff (providing admin support to the rest of her department). Society is damn cruel, time is never lenient to wait for them to learn. For some, they don’t bother to, they just pass down all their shit to the junior, credits all to them.

Fanny had a private talk with me asking me to stay or take part-time for my studies. I am firm with what I want. After such repeated incidents, they never fail to remind me IT”S TIME TO LEAVE & THESE PEOPLE ARE UGLY.

The Bodyshop Crazy

Celebrated Chan’s birthday at Kushin-Bo, Suntec. This time round we did not ate too full. There is this voice over at the restaurant’s PA system, sounds like Jackey. Did you attempt to work part-time there? Hahaha~ Hope the custom design tee shirt is to your liking.

Bought several items during the weekends. 2 of which are Simon Webbe and Shunzi album. Need to listen to a few more times before I can conclude they are nice. Crazily over The Bodyshop’s products: the orange shower gel, light pink blusher, 2 retractable blusher brushes (1 to put in Chan’s house). My Bodyshop membership is going to end this month, in a few days time. *Hint hint* Finished my rebounding shampoo and conditioner which cost me $66 altogether. I almost used up 1 set per month. That is too crazy. Found my St Ives Apricot Body Scrub at Orchard OG. But I just can’t find the same content, in facial scrub. Did they terminate the product? Dunno can use the body scrub on my face. Hahahaha~ With all these junks I brought home, my youngest sister commented “You only have 1 body to wash, why do you buy so many?” Good point though, I will remember. Tonight, I shall go IMM, Daiso, for some shelves shopping. There are a lot of cheap and good stuff there.

My youngest sister went to collect her bursary award on Saturday night. This is the first time that I know of: all the cheques for the students are not signed. The person who should have authorized them has gone on leave. So she attended the ceremony for nothing, except 2 complimentary tidbits bags for me. The cheques will be mailed to them later.

Oh yes… Has anybody watch news on Friday night? Hong Kah Secondary School is one of the schools under the MOE’s project to upgrade their facilities. They shoot our school leh. Haha~ Then I discover now the girls’ collar for upper secondary is different from what we have, they had also included the HKSS badge sewed onto the uniform. Ugly~ And Mr Yeo (D&T; Yeo) speaks in front of the camera. Still the same old him. June, when are you going to visit Mr Yeo? Heez~

V For Vendetta

Story takes place in the futuristic landscape of Britain. People are led by strong government, instilling fear in them with what they speak and how they act. Any suspected parties who are involved in revolution will be killed. V, an iconic hero in this movie who urges the public to turn against the government. As the story progress, many dark secrets uncovers.

You will discover that the government is doing you good, at the same time killing you. It is so important for the leader of the country to inject the same beliefs and frequency into the next level and so forth, but i would say that is all brain-washing. I guess this is the power of speech + confidence when it comes to sucessful psychoing. However, when it involves politics, this power becomes very influential.

How are you so sure that global warming is not one of the lies created in the name of science? How can you be sure that the creators of anti-virus softwares are not the creators of the virus? Many of the information are hidden from us indeed. You can feel a lot more if you watched this movie. Hahaha~

Enuff of all that~ Lester and I will be combining our blogs in ‘near’ future. So do catch us at We have printed that icon on tee-shirts. It supposed to be his birthday present, but my sketches was caught. Damn it~

Morning “Rush”

Due to the proposal tender that is due this mid-noon, I stayed thru the night in the office to format the reports. Not out of willingness. It really makes me mad when she asked “I believe you do not have anything for tonight?”. And formatting a proposal is the most tedious and time consuming thing to do.

Anyway, stay at Lester’s house last night so that I can save my traveling time to office today. Had this very painful stomache the moment I board the bus, the urge to answer to nature call. The cold air from the air-condition makes me feel more like rushing to the toilet. A lot of thoughts run thru my mind at then. Where should I alight for toilet? Alight at office? I’m afraid I’m the earliest and I do not have any keys to the office, so no toilet~ Maybe China Square foodcourt has a toilet. But what if it doesn’t?

Only when the bus pass turns into Fuiji Xerox building, then I remember I can choose either M Hotel or International Plaza. Really cannot tahan liao… Probably ate the wrong food last nite. The bus skipped the M Hotel stop and hauled at IP instead. Thank god~ I can’t imagine the consequence.

Today bowel is damn efficient. Probably will learn this lesson and put put the first thing in the morning. (x_x)

Blog Reading

Today is all about blog reading. Have been so busy on the weekends, to do whatever that is not done in the weekdays, and surfing from blogs to blogs is a luxury for me. However, when it comes to reading updated blogs, it is definitely more than disappointment.

Among the click whom i browse most:

  • Lester – whatever he writes i will definitely read & his life with the cute cute me
  • Terry – with tons and tons of photos
  • Laily – full of philiosphies, sometimes also dunno what she wanna say
  • Xiu Hui – bet she dunno i am reading
  • Geok Leng, June & Wei Jyh – if i browse one, i will browse the other 2
  • Suqin – occassionally you can find great photographs in there
  • Those whose name are not mention, lagi worst. Start blogging now!!!

    Botanic Garden

    Faculty Test
    Took my faculty test on Saturday in NTU. Saw a couple of familiar faces like Karen, Han Jie, Zhi Fan, Seetoh and Lincoln. The test took about 1 hour 30 minutes with a total of 5 questions. The lecture room is easy to find as Pei Jun has showed me the other time. But the atmosphere was quite tense or probably i am not use to the examination atmosphere anymore. The table is very low, i practically had my neck strain after the whole test. Therefore, i only maintain my eye level. Any movement just ache my neck. Can’t post the questions in the blog (that was reminded by the invigilator), and papers are in random sets anyway. So you may get different questions.

    Meet Lester at Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch, Thai Express again. He is kinda hooked with this restaurant. Heez~ After which, we roam about at Great World City to wait for our movie time for Underworld Evolution. I can’t remember much, but i remember we slept from 8pm to next morning 7am, totally shag and tired.

    Botanic Garden
    Had our breakfast at West Coast MacDonald. Seems like we are always rushing for time. But i wish to take a real slow breakfast with him. Slag around and read newspapers. Hmm~ Waiting for such a day. Pick the girls up to Botanic Garden for photo shooting. Shaun is there as well. Due to the renovation, i guess some of the gardens are no longer there. Pretty different from what i remember when i was young. A lot of the owner brought their doggies along to the park. Next time, my ah pi shall visit this wonderful place with me.

    I took very little photographs. But it is a very good experience, learning the photography skills from them. I remember the most hilarious moment, when i walk into the bush to take a nice flower portrait. The moment i squat down i saw a worm wiggling at me. Holy goodness gracious, i jumped and screamed. Indeed a wrong demonstration. Hahaha~

    Bong attempts to do some drawings at the swan pond. She says somebody took her picture. Lol~ We ended our day in Botanic Garden by climbing a big tree. I have no experience in doing so. Have to give up half way through becoz I dun feel myself secured by any harness. (^_^) You noe, that feeling.

    Lunch at Taka’s Crystal Jade before we ended the whole gathering. We will organise something like so in alternate weeks. Those who are interested can join us. Heez~