The Bodyshop Crazy

Celebrated Chan’s birthday at Kushin-Bo, Suntec. This time round we did not ate too full. There is this voice over at the restaurant’s PA system, sounds like Jackey. Did you attempt to work part-time there? Hahaha~ Hope the custom design tee shirt is to your liking.

Bought several items during the weekends. 2 of which are Simon Webbe and Shunzi album. Need to listen to a few more times before I can conclude they are nice. Crazily over The Bodyshop’s products: the orange shower gel, light pink blusher, 2 retractable blusher brushes (1 to put in Chan’s house). My Bodyshop membership is going to end this month, in a few days time. *Hint hint* Finished my rebounding shampoo and conditioner which cost me $66 altogether. I almost used up 1 set per month. That is too crazy. Found my St Ives Apricot Body Scrub at Orchard OG. But I just can’t find the same content, in facial scrub. Did they terminate the product? Dunno can use the body scrub on my face. Hahahaha~ With all these junks I brought home, my youngest sister commented “You only have 1 body to wash, why do you buy so many?” Good point though, I will remember. Tonight, I shall go IMM, Daiso, for some shelves shopping. There are a lot of cheap and good stuff there.

My youngest sister went to collect her bursary award on Saturday night. This is the first time that I know of: all the cheques for the students are not signed. The person who should have authorized them has gone on leave. So she attended the ceremony for nothing, except 2 complimentary tidbits bags for me. The cheques will be mailed to them later.

Oh yes… Has anybody watch news on Friday night? Hong Kah Secondary School is one of the schools under the MOE’s project to upgrade their facilities. They shoot our school leh. Haha~ Then I discover now the girls’ collar for upper secondary is different from what we have, they had also included the HKSS badge sewed onto the uniform. Ugly~ And Mr Yeo (D&T; Yeo) speaks in front of the camera. Still the same old him. June, when are you going to visit Mr Yeo? Heez~