V For Vendetta

Story takes place in the futuristic landscape of Britain. People are led by strong government, instilling fear in them with what they speak and how they act. Any suspected parties who are involved in revolution will be killed. V, an iconic hero in this movie who urges the public to turn against the government. As the story progress, many dark secrets uncovers.

You will discover that the government is doing you good, at the same time killing you. It is so important for the leader of the country to inject the same beliefs and frequency into the next level and so forth, but i would say that is all brain-washing. I guess this is the power of speech + confidence when it comes to sucessful psychoing. However, when it involves politics, this power becomes very influential.

How are you so sure that global warming is not one of the lies created in the name of science? How can you be sure that the creators of anti-virus softwares are not the creators of the virus? Many of the information are hidden from us indeed. You can feel a lot more if you watched this movie. Hahaha~

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