New Hair Style

I have permed and colored my hair. Beautiful… Now I seriously think i will be late for school due to the styling time needed.

Dear girls, any advise for me to keep my curls bouncy and tips on styling?

I Cannot Take It Anymore

If leisure browsing of friendster will ended up finding out that my sister has been wearing my clothes AGAIN, i can onli say i am utterly upset.

I told both my parents i cannot take all these nonsense anymore (as studies will be my top priority). I will really leave the place i call home. So now, work doubly hard, save money and move out.

Back From Redang

Day 01
My first nite is spent on a luxury coach. It is equipped with individual TV screen for passenger to watch movies and listen to music. The collection of the movies and music are quite up to date too~ This is my very first time thru the Second Causeway. Exceptionally new and quiet. It is about 10 hours of coach ride to Terengganu, our driver lost their way at 8 plus in the morning. But they get back on track very quickly and alighted us at Merang Jetty.

Day 02
How it works at Merang Jetty is: there are a lot of resort pick-up point, you have to check-in at the correct resort counter to collect your boarding pass to board the speed boat. Journey to Redang Island is about another 45 mins to 1 hour.

We are assembled at the Waiting Hall of Laguna Redang Island Resort for a briefing before taking a little tram to the hotel lobby. As the package includes snorkelling trips and 3 meals a day, we are issued meal coupons and we’ll pay for the rental of snorkelling masks, life jackets and a conservation fee of RM5 each person if we are visiting the Marine Park. We had the buffet lunch first before check-in. Buffet restaurant area is very spacious. However, the food isn’t really that fantastic. I would prefer them to cook their local cuisine, probably it will taste much better.

Our room consists of a toilet, a bathroom (hot and cold shower), 1 main bed, 2 smaller single beds by the TV console, a fridge, a balcony, air con and ceiling fan. No grumble for the accommodation, very well-furnished. First day in Redang is free and easy. We spend most of our time at the swimming pool sun-tanning, recreational center to loan the snorkelling equipments and photo taking at the beach. Had a late snacks at Poolside Bar, ordering their Ala Carte Fish & Chips, Spring Rolls and drinks. So so so much tasty.

Momo Tea Inn is just beside the resort and it has been converted into a souvenir shop. As night falls, all guests will gather at their own time to the buffet restaurant for dinner. This time round, both of us are quite careful with the food we take, everything in small quantity, if they are nice we will go for more then. But the soup is bagus~ There is a live band near the beach. So we ordered 2 drinks and enjoy the ambience. Lester dedicated “Because You Love Me” to me. Kekeke~ The band also sing the theme song of Redang “Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo” by Richie Ren.

Day 03
First snorkelling trip to Marine Park at 9am, we have to gather at the jetty for briefing. It was a 15 mins journey to the Marine Park and we are free on our own. If we were to swim near the divers, they will take underwater pictures for us. This snorkelling trip is the most memorable one. The water can come real deep and there are lots of species of fish and corals. However, the corals are disappointingly dead, therefore not colourful. I doubt the situation will improve any even if we pay the conservation fee. Some of the tourists had bread provided for fish feeding but we don’t. So we spend 2 full hours among the fishes before we clean up. Lester managed to spot a small little white shark. The clear sea water is surprisingly very saltish.

We had another ala carte beef and chicken burgers and soursop ice desert by the poolside. The next afternoon sprinkling’s trip is in the open sea. It was about 5 mins from our resort. Not much things to see. Dead corals and large stones. The torture part comes when we get back to the boat to wait for the rest. The stationary boat floats up and down as the current continues to hit. It is really hard not to be dizzy~

We went to recreational center to view photos taken at the Marine Park. Bought 1 of them. Pay first and collect the cd-rom later in the night. Too lazy to go down, Lester went down himself to collect the disk instead. I promise to keep awake and open the door for him upon return. In the end, I fall asleep within minutes and poor Lester had to knock on the door for 15 mins before i “regain my conscious”. Heez~

Day 04
We sign up for another snokerling trip to Marine Park. This time we manage to get 1 whole loaf of bread to feed the fish and bought underwater camera. I am actually quite disgusted with how some of the Singaporeans acted, taking more than 1 loaf of bread (which is a lot). We are kind enuff to share our loaf with some other tourists there. This time, the current seems so much stronger. We are drifted so quickly frm left to the right. And I din know Lester can swim so well. Maybe i should be going for swimming classes soon. Bleah~ He actually had another shot with life jacket and snorkelling mask off.

I actually got quite burnt on both my shoulders and my butt. However, can’t resist the beach in front of the resort. The beach is rather crowded with tourists from Star Cruise as well. But battling and swimming into the big waves are fun.

We decided to go for ala carte restaurant the last nite. The live band who sang in the beach is there. They went to individual table to sing as well. So awkward feeling, but they are indeed talented~ My classic moment is to catch Xia Ri Mo Mo Cha movie at Redang in the room.

Day 05
Check-out day~ Have to wake up early to check-out to avoid any crowd. After breakfast we loiter about to take any last minute pictures.

I was expecting the same coach with TV but not the case obviously. Heez~ Finish reading my Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets, in the coach while Lester sleeps soundly in the bus. Sudden urge for toilet, have been drinking too much water before i board the coach. The driver told Lester the toilet is in front. The “in front” he meant was like 30 mins later. Seeing the long winding road, my bladder nearly burst~ Terrible…

Please see the photos taken.


  • Redang is open from mid February to early October. After which they will be closed due to the monsoon. Hence, water sports are not advisable.
  • Redang is situated at Terengganu. Ferry from Merang Jetty operates daily from 9.30am to 12.30pm. You need to check out timing from resort back to jetty. There may be lesser trip back.
  • The resort you are staying are usually self-contained. You basically live in the resort compound: eat, drink, entertainment and recreation.
  • There are no fishes outside your resort beach. But the water is definitely crystal clear. Marine Park will be the ideal location for snorkelling. However, sad to say the corals are all dead.
  • All girls group for such tours will definitely receive better benefits and attentions from the divers or guides. This theory never fails.

Last Day At Work

Yesterday is my last day at work. I wanna thank my mum for waking up early to collect curry puffs for me. I bought them from my neighbourhood area to office (it is quite good).

Was still busy tthrough the week. No time to online, no time for blog reading even and till the very last second I am still going thru a conference call with Malaysia colleagues and a hand over to Peter with the new gal. I still have something not completed yet, but i dun think i wanna make that my problem for the moment. Let’s wait till when i enjoyed my holidays.

It was kinda sad to leave. I am the very last person in the department to leave. My very last time in the pantry, the very last serviettes i draw from the dispenser, the very last time i lock the back door and switch off my department lights. Definitely tearing inside… Left little gifts for my colleagues, hope they will like them if they found it on their table.

Anyway, best of luck to myself. Continue success in all endeavours. Study hard and the bright future is ahead of me. (^_^)

A Trip To “Hell”

Had a weird dream actually~ Yar… A trip to hell. There is like a custom checkpoint between the mortal and the dead. Of course, there are shops around that checkpoint. One that i clearly remembered is a gift shop (ie. Minitoon). However, the mortal will have to pay in real money if they would like to purchase something. Something like real money has a higher currency value than the dead’s one.

Me and a group of friends cross over the checkpoint to a departmental store. It’s something like Giant and Carrefour’s electrical department. It’s bright and spacious, a lot of electrical appliances on the shelves. But all of these are made of paper.

Everywhere is crowded with people. On my way to another department, i spotted an angelic girl. I would say she is very innocent and beautiful. A very natural response to her age blurt out from my mouth. I hold her arm and asked, “You’re so young…” (Probably trying to ask why does she die in such a young age) The next question i asked, “Do you grow old here?” You will be surprised to hear that you will remain to be in the age when you die.

A noisy group of students distracted my attention. I overheard a little girl in dark blue sailor-like uniform shouted, “The school bus is coming.” Why would a school bus pick the students up at the shopping centre at such an hour in the night? The other student answered my query, “The bus driver is driving us to haunt the school.”

I had a few more unrelated dreams after which. But eventually woke up and discover the song-ka ceremony at my void deck has started playing music.