A Trip To “Hell”

Had a weird dream actually~ Yar… A trip to hell. There is like a custom checkpoint between the mortal and the dead. Of course, there are shops around that checkpoint. One that i clearly remembered is a gift shop (ie. Minitoon). However, the mortal will have to pay in real money if they would like to purchase something. Something like real money has a higher currency value than the dead’s one.

Me and a group of friends cross over the checkpoint to a departmental store. It’s something like Giant and Carrefour’s electrical department. It’s bright and spacious, a lot of electrical appliances on the shelves. But all of these are made of paper.

Everywhere is crowded with people. On my way to another department, i spotted an angelic girl. I would say she is very innocent and beautiful. A very natural response to her age blurt out from my mouth. I hold her arm and asked, “You’re so young…” (Probably trying to ask why does she die in such a young age) The next question i asked, “Do you grow old here?” You will be surprised to hear that you will remain to be in the age when you die.

A noisy group of students distracted my attention. I overheard a little girl in dark blue sailor-like uniform shouted, “The school bus is coming.” Why would a school bus pick the students up at the shopping centre at such an hour in the night? The other student answered my query, “The bus driver is driving us to haunt the school.”

I had a few more unrelated dreams after which. But eventually woke up and discover the song-ka ceremony at my void deck has started playing music.