Last Day At Work

Yesterday is my last day at work. I wanna thank my mum for waking up early to collect curry puffs for me. I bought them from my neighbourhood area to office (it is quite good).

Was still busy tthrough the week. No time to online, no time for blog reading even and till the very last second I am still going thru a conference call with Malaysia colleagues and a hand over to Peter with the new gal. I still have something not completed yet, but i dun think i wanna make that my problem for the moment. Let’s wait till when i enjoyed my holidays.

It was kinda sad to leave. I am the very last person in the department to leave. My very last time in the pantry, the very last serviettes i draw from the dispenser, the very last time i lock the back door and switch off my department lights. Definitely tearing inside… Left little gifts for my colleagues, hope they will like them if they found it on their table.

Anyway, best of luck to myself. Continue success in all endeavours. Study hard and the bright future is ahead of me. (^_^)