Sapporo Ramen Bishamon

This is quite sometime ago. Thus, I have forgotten most of my thoughts then.

Anyway, we tried  Sapporo Ramen Bishamon at Raffles City. I was disgusted with the ramen presentation when it is first served to me. Can’t see the garnishes that make up my ramen. It just look crap and messy before I even started! There is a rim of bubbles form around my bowl. Did they shake my soup before pouring in? Errr…

I don’t remember the noodle is exceptionally nice. The egg is not impressive also. Bamboo shoot got one smell… Can forget about going there again.





The Handburger

Finally tried The Handburger at Raffles City. I love their typography and their window display, paper crafts!

The store works more like a restaurant, waiter takes your order, bet it’s because of the small walking space. On average, each burger set costs $12 onwards. Each set comes with either fries or tomato stuffed with coleslaw to choose from. Unfortunately, the set does not comes with drinks. They do serve plain water.

IMG_1871The Handburger

I ordered Chicken Caesar Burger ($12.80), thick chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms and cheese. Lester ordered The Work Burger ($16.80), beef burger with sauteed mushrooms, 3 onion rings, eggs and cheese. The burgers are served on this wooden serving tray, with die-cut for cutlery, plate and your sides.I love their system of organisation.

IMG_1854Chicken Caesar Burger

IMG_1868The Work Burger

IMG_1862Wooden Serving Tray

I realise they don’t use the same bread buns and greens for each burgers too. Burgers are generally big, patties are juicy. I struggled with eating big burger even with fork and knife, but I overheard another diner requesting his burger to be cut into half. I kinda like their BBQ sauce, not too saltish. We also order some chicken strip sides. It is lightly flavored, not too saltish. Ain’t that bad.

IMG_1864Chicken Strips

Professor Deborah’s Farewell

One of my viscom professors is leaving the school, I tried compiling a hall of fame, with the help of my classmates, for Deborah.

Wish her happiness and all the best for the future.

04122009136Each classmate has to draw themselves.
Illustrations are transferred to iron-on and fabric.
04122009137All my classmates.06122009139Stuff cotton wool and sew around it.06122009149That’s me!06122009140Fantastic and affordable materials from Daiso.06122009142Assembly time.06122009145Wooden bird. Hopes she don’t fly too far without us.06122009143Back of the wooden board.06122009148Love from us.28112009125Bye bye.


I have been calefare-ing for the past 2 days in my friend’s final year project.

Have to wake up damn early to film site for preparation. Wear the same clothes for 2 days. Yeww~

What I really really want to show is the majestic-ness of the film site, an ultra big villa. But the owner imposes ‘No Photography’ rules, I only have photos with my friends in actions.

The house is 3 storeys high, with private lift, a swimming pool, games or gym room, open concept kitchen and blah blah blah. Imagine U-shape 3 blocks buildings: the main house, the swimming pool area in between and another house. The main house is already very big on itself. That ‘another house’ is a smaller domain, but big enough to duplicate another living room, kitchen and rooms in it. There is also a separate shaded glass house in the garden itself. I love the sunbed at the highest level, I believe it will overlook the greens.

We can’t access other levels in the house. So, we’ve been stationing in the gym room for the entire 2 days. There are gym equipments, 2 pool tables, sofas and a little bar counter with sink. That room is about the size of a 3 to 4 rooms flat. Outside the gym room is the swimming pool.

The owner has 2 Ferrari sports cars… This is how close I can get to Ferrari.

DSC09564Friends from NTU08122009176Swimming pool extends further to both left and right.DSC09570Wardrobe PeopleDSC09578Behind my friends is the main house.