I have been calefare-ing for the past 2 days in my friend’s final year project.

Have to wake up damn early to film site for preparation. Wear the same clothes for 2 days. Yeww~

What I really really want to show is the majestic-ness of the film site, an ultra big villa. But the owner imposes ‘No Photography’ rules, I only have photos with my friends in actions.

The house is 3 storeys high, with private lift, a swimming pool, games or gym room, open concept kitchen and blah blah blah. Imagine U-shape 3 blocks buildings: the main house, the swimming pool area in between and another house. The main house is already very big on itself. That ‘another house’ is a smaller domain, but big enough to duplicate another living room, kitchen and rooms in it. There is also a separate shaded glass house in the garden itself. I love the sunbed at the highest level, I believe it will overlook the greens.

We can’t access other levels in the house. So, we’ve been stationing in the gym room for the entire 2 days. There are gym equipments, 2 pool tables, sofas and a little bar counter with sink. That room is about the size of a 3 to 4 rooms flat. Outside the gym room is the swimming pool.

The owner has 2 Ferrari sports cars… This is how close I can get to Ferrari.

DSC09564Friends from NTU08122009176Swimming pool extends further to both left and right.DSC09570Wardrobe PeopleDSC09578Behind my friends is the main house.