Waiting For The Right Time

Fanny is giving birth tomorrow morning. Finally~ She has been waiting for this day to arrive. We shall be visiting her on Saturday afternoon, depending on her conscious level.

Aileen has celebrated her birthday yesterday. At the same time, she has tendered her resignation this morning. For the sake of her child, Leonard going into primary one, she decided to work part-time in a child-care school. Shall miss her lots.

Catherine has also went for several interviews. Seems like she isn’t that happy working here for the recent years. All the best bah~

My cousin will be marrying on the 18th September 2005. Finally they tie the knot after so many years of dating, my memory say 7 years. But it clashes with my only day to Serene’s chalet again.

Each wait for the right time to do the right thing, waiting for the arrivals and the departs. Life still goes on…

Friendster Testimonial

I have got a funniest testimonial from my youngest sister. Here it goes:


is my BIG BIG BIG sister. She is intelligent, hardworking, helpful and sometime outgoing gal …

I say sometime onli ……….

hmmmmm ………

actually not much gd points I wan 2 say abt her … cause she’s not as gd as wad i have juz say abt her lol … hehehehehehex …….

“ANGRY ” ???? hahahax …

bad point have a lot la ….

but of cuz ….

I’m not ” STUPID ”

I won’t say any bad thing or points abt her or else she will reject this testi de ….

am I rite LAY HIANG ????

hehehehehex ……
wuhahahahahahax ….

ok la …..
dun noe wad to write le ….

I’ll STOP here lol !!!”

Thank God It’s Friday

Today is Friday. Today is Friday. Yes~ Today is Friday. Today should be a beautiful Friday.

I was woken up by my younger sister this morning. Lights on, hi-fi playing cd, repeating the track “Zhu Ni Shen Ri Quai Le” by Landy for an hour. “Can you lower down the volume” maybe i’m too soft she did not hear me. “Can you lower down the volume please~” struggling to open my eyes. By the way, if you din hear me, it was 6am in the morning and i have an hour more before my alarm sounds off.

At 6.50am, my mum and sister were talking so loudly in the room. I simply couldn’t get to sleep. Thanks to them, i have such a “beautiful” morning.

I finally get to rest on the bus. But a group of malay girls were yacking and laughing so loudly. I’m amazed by how cool the public remains. Don’t they get irritated? My thought: Everyone in the bus is such a tired worker and they need to be respected with peace and silence. Feel so much like slapping the girls.

Flashback of angry moments back in poly are terrible. I nearly throw a fork at Lester Goh’s head (or probably aiming at his eyes). I slam my files before, right on the benches outside tutorial rooms and the computer lab chair too~

I am not fierce. I am trying to catch your attention how unhappy i am with you, that’s all. Plain talking will not bring you anywhere. Violence will not stop the problem, but it does bring you somewhere.

Happy Belated Birthday, Geok Leng

Last Friday
Went site-visiting at Mount Faber for the September conference. Inspired me to enjoy sky-dining in cable car and to host my birthday there. Still working on my budget, but will see how. By the way, Mount Faber will go on renovation by phases, and it will be called the Jewel Box.

Caught Stealth at GV Marina. Cool movie. My neck went stiff and I can’t possibly let my eyes take a split second rest from the screen. It was so so action pack. If you like fighter aircraft with prediction of future technology in warfare, you shouldn’t have missed that.

Tried Carl’s Jr fast food. Portion is real big and it ain’t cheap. Around 7 bucks for a burger without a combo? Heez~

Started to pin up my office pin board with ZO cards. Hmm… Simply love them. Added some spices to my life.

New Assistant Manager for New Business Development department. Guess what, he is only 24 years old k? So young can be assistant manager. Better aimed something in my life eh? The IT executives came over to Singapore for a visit. Yar~ I was involved in the discussion. However, it was push all the way to Tuesday.

Time to knock off, went down pretty early to wait for Lester but he was stuck in a massive jam. An Indian working adult walked over and said to me:
Man: Are you waiting for somebody?
Me: Yes~ Waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.
Man: Oh~ I saw you waiting for quite sometime. Before I went for dinner, you are here. Now I have finished my dinner, you are still here.
Me: (Smile)
Man: I was just thinking to take a drink somewhere near, would you like to join?
Me: (Looking out for Lester’s car) Nope~

Before I notice, he already left my sight. I was thinking, what kind of image I portray to him that made him wanna initiate his move?

The official launch of Gamerz expenses tracking system, enable me to track my expenses. Previously, i was only using excel spreadsheet. Thanks my dear. Owe you the icons for the systems.

Can’t remember much, but went to eat with the IT executives and boss at Imperial Treasure (Teochew) Restaurant at Takashimaya. On the way there, I was talking to the IT executive from Hong Kong. He mentioned something like “I have talked to our boss how to make my work more interesting.” Didn’t know the office has plan for me. Wonder should I feel grateful for their future plans or should I feel fear for all the uncertainty. The latter pumps more in my heart. Working in this office let me realise: Tian Xia Mei You Bai Chi De Wu Can (there is no free meals in the reality).

My eyes get a little itchy and red before I left the office. Tried on a special pair of spectacles, no glasses, plainly black plastic with lots of holes. It was meant to correct visions and you are able to see clearly without using any glasses. It works for me, I can see the signboard once I wear it on. It is available at Guardian. But it is plain too ugly. Hahahaha~

My right eye swells up. Painful~ Went to the company’s doctor for consultation and take a half day off. Rest oh rest~

Erm… My left eye was infected too. 2 big swelling red eyes. Miserable~ Throat tastes bitter as the eye drops flow from inside the eyes to the windpipe. Yucks~ Bad breathe, feverish, sucks~ Took another day off.

Heez~ My mum was infected by me as well. Am I having sore eyes?

Rushing to Jurong Point for a gathering. Met this DMMT stage B programming girl from Mymmar. Wonder did any remember? She is the gal Yong Hao like. Talked quite a bit. She is currently working in NeoPet, previously in Litespeed. Currently, doing part time SIM computing related course. Very hardworking leh… I’m glad she din hide herself when she saw me. Hahaha~

Celebration for Geok Leng’s belated birthday. Nice to see all especially my favourite favourite June!!! Dinner at Pizza Hut and dessert at Swensen. Have some long time no meet friends like Hui Mei, Alvin and Wei Jyh. A lot of jokes cracked, a number of photos taken.

[PS: My favourite favourite June, kindly collate all the photos and send me. In exchange, you will get the graduation photo. Heez~]