Waiting For The Right Time

Fanny is giving birth tomorrow morning. Finally~ She has been waiting for this day to arrive. We shall be visiting her on Saturday afternoon, depending on her conscious level.

Aileen has celebrated her birthday yesterday. At the same time, she has tendered her resignation this morning. For the sake of her child, Leonard going into primary one, she decided to work part-time in a child-care school. Shall miss her lots.

Catherine has also went for several interviews. Seems like she isn’t that happy working here for the recent years. All the best bah~

My cousin will be marrying on the 18th September 2005. Finally they tie the knot after so many years of dating, my memory say 7 years. But it clashes with my only day to Serene’s chalet again.

Each wait for the right time to do the right thing, waiting for the arrivals and the departs. Life still goes on…