The Cave

I rush back home to watch Project Superstar. I can’t imagine the crowd in the train, lots of people. Happen to read a chinese wan bao’s headline when a man holds his newspaper right up in front of me. There is an outbreak of sore eyes in the community, over 5000 people are affected. So guys, take good care of your eyes.

This is the finale of the Project Superstar. Each writes a different chapter in their life… Good luck then~

Yesterday was a half day for me. Me and Lester each bought a new Sony Network Walkman (NW-E105), one pink one blue at Comex 2005. But the Comex only carries silver and blue. So I had mine reserved at Wisma’s Sony Gallery. Lunch at Joaqium for the porridge buffet. Yum yum~ Loves porridge.

Fall into deep sleep from 6.30pm to 12am before we decide to catch a movie, The Cave, at Cineleisure. The movie is about cave exploration. A group of expertises first came 30 years ago, looking for the cave. What they see was only a church. As they break through the floor and locate the cave, the whole church collapse, burying them. Another group of expertise came 30 years later to find the same cave. This time they believe there is an underground passage. A team of professional cave divers are engaged in this operation too. They would never imagine the danger and threats hidden. Deep inside are monsters which morph and revolve, having special physical features that allow them to survive in the cave environment.

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