June Belated Birthday

Had dinner with June at Jurong Point. It was suppose to make up for her birthday celebration that i can’t make it the other week. Bought her a necklace and hope she likes it. And a card to remind her not to drink too much? If not she will be going around stripping other men.

We had dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen and there is nothing more we can do than gossip. Hahaha~ She has been quite mean as well actually, quite in tune with me. The usual people we talk about. Lalala~ We even took some pictures. Ermm… Most of them are my solos, wonder what she is doing with them? Kinda worried… Can i edit them pictures before you post them on your blog? Kekeke~

Walk around and settled down again at MacDonald. Trying to check-out her life in university. “Pretty hard to find friends that you clicked. Many from the JCs entry had their clicks formed long time before. Group mates for group projects are randomly grouped, only some projects you may choose and pick your members.” she mentioned. Well… Well…

I just reached home a couple of minutes earlier than Zhen. Heard a different voice, feel a different company when ‘he’ send her home. Trying to make funny noises to capture his attention and look up to my window. Nah~ Din succeed. I tried my best not to be too stern when talk about her relationship, dun really want to end up in loud shouting. Wonder at your age of 19, what do you pursue in a relationship?