Twisties’s Lurve Multigrain Chips

New tibits by Twisties. It is multigrain, available in 3 flavours: Seaweed, French Onion and Hot N Spicy. Textures and tastes are both wonderful.

Indigestion or ahem ahem is coming. Constipation and hence very bloated even though i havent been eating much. Somebody help me! I need to put put~


I handmade a L-shaped kaleidoscope with my dad’s help. It’s for a school assignment. This kaleidoscope can see multiple angles of a same view. Doesn’t need to make much sense, just play with it by looking through the environment around you.

It’s been a long time i really slack. Spend the entire day with Lester. Nice day + good day + lovely day. Lubz~

Nokia Remix 2008: Music Party

Attended a music party organised by Nokia at Red Dot Museum with Lester. Beri beri cool, except that we are bored down by the local bands. No offence, but we like more pop than indie style.

The most hito comes only towards the end, Lifehouse’s performance is awesome. It’s like a mini concert. Pictures have been uploaded to my facebook, but i just like to post some photos of Lifehouse. You know, you are really that close and the lead singer is super yandao…



Hook onto 溏心風暴之家好月圓 the past few days. I like the 插曲 by 林峰.