Halo ppl out there!!! We are currently at the capital of malaysia – kuala lumpur…

This has been our fourth day of the trip. Previously we haf been in melaka for 2 days. The weather is just damn hot, nothing but hot. We consume dunno how many bottles of water, eat and eat and eat.

We stay at this inn called sunny inn at melaka. The host is pretty friendly. Live there is pretty much like back to primitive. Everything reduce to minimum… The rooms we haf are non-airconditioned. Still alright wif it. A new experience i guess. Endless visiting to the historical places in melaka. Get help from the locals throughout. We are heng lor…

And yesterday, we just arrived kl. Thanks to bong’s sister and her friend – Zu Da. With there great help for accomodations and car rides, we save quite a number of amount. And oso, manage to visit those less accessible places in kl. Stay up 1 nite at Zu Da’s house. Really really appreciate it.

As for today… Went to KTV in the morning till like early afternoon. Then to the cosmo’s theme park within the Times Building. Play ‘N’ times of roller coaster. Fun… We even bought the photos that they captured while we are in the roller coaster. We chose the key chains one… Show u guys when i’m back…

Tat’s all for today… Chan, our command centre, shall keep u update for the latest updates…

Lester, Jacky, Qin, Laily and me went for the nite supper yesterday. Thank you Lester for the ride… (^.^)

Before this supper, we have been fighting for the front passenger seat. Kinda like there is more personal space in front. And hahaha~ I have 2 chances in the front seat. Hurray~

The moment the clock strikes 12, we had our shoutout to Terry in the car. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yor~ We pulled over at Mount Faber first. Nice scenary, a lot of stars… But we just have little little things flying around in the surrounding. So we decided to head straight to Wen Tong Ji which operates through the nite for chicken rice. Yum yum… By then, the first xiao qiang appears in Lester car. The next stop, we went to Geylang’s for tou hui (beancurd). Quite a big portion share.

The weather is damn so hot and sticky. Onli a short walking journey, everyone is persipiring. I guess all enjoy the air-conditioned car ride the most. Then, that second xiao qiang appeared in the car.

Lastly, we paid a visit to Jacky’s secondary school (Chestnut Drive). The school is pretty deep into the bungalow houses. By then, it’s alreadi 4am and we decided to head back to our home.

Hai… Gotta bid goodbye to all my pals… I’m leaving tml. See you ppl 3 weeks later. And if by luck, we are able to come across any cyber cafe, we will update our blog again. Bye bye…

P.S.: Wait for us to be back, we shall have another gathering for those NS men. Take care. Miss ya~ (T.T)

Celebrated Terry’s advance birthday on the 8th… Din really expect so many ppl to be there. But of coz, the more ppl there is, the merrier it will be. And this is definitely true… Hope everyone has an eventful nite. And thanks to Weekian for the home ride. Thank you veri much…

Yesterday is a good rest indeed. Wake up at 4 plus in the noon, body aching and tired. Guess i sleep too much. Head down to IMM to buy some of my necessity for the tour. And i got myself a medicated sticky pad to stick on my chest – for easy breathing. Kinda have my breathing problem worsen. The moment i lay straight on my back, i’ll get my nose blocked.

But seems like those sticky pad doesnt really work much for me either. Just the scent of lavender (for purpose of relaxation) and the cooling pad tat kinda stay cool when sticked on.

Blogger has changed it’s login page and the internal features. Still exploring though… But nice… (^.^)

Last day of school… We are a poly grads now!!!

See a lot of familiar faces in the school today. First person i saw is Seng Kang. This will be my veri veri last time sitting in MLT11 for debriefing, with all my 3 years coursemates. Throughout the whole talk, i’m vandalising the piece of paper tat has been passed down. Really see a lot of other friends hanging here and there. Cant bear to part…

Celebration continues at Heeran Sake Sushi. We ordered so many fried tofu, and my first time eating raw salmon sushi… Catch Van Helsing at Marina Square. It isn’t a bad show after all. I have read the reviews before choosing this, they arent positive at all. The ratings can go as low as 2 stars out of 5. For this movie, i will say tat the sound and visusal effects are damn good. You wont have anytime to rest ur eyes nor having any quiet moments. If you have watched it, you will know wat i try to mean. The cinema seems to blast the sound by dunno how many decibel higher, veri loud… After all, chilling seesions at Suntec foodcourt and Esplande…

It’s our last day in the company. We din really do any constructive stuff either. Busy packing and collating all the files in the company, writing ‘Thank You’ cards for our dearest colleagues.

Seriously saying, dun bear and dun wish to part. After our supervisior’s resignation, our life is so much easy and happy, endless joy and laughters each day. We get real close and build this bond onli at the last 2 months of our attachment. Our precious 2 months… Our boss, he is forever the peace-maker in our company. Oh yar… And he even empties our dustbins… Good hor? Though naggy at times, but generally a veri veri nice boss. Plus that spanish movie director in the company, we have finished 4 tins of his butter cookies. Not forgetting our motherly Josephine, always so caring. Li Hui, a small-sized gal who can eat so much, gets hungry so fast. Ling Jie, cannt tahan bong’s actings. Laugh until she cant control. And tat Keng, a kind-hearted bengster. The most monkey-like creature in the company, our onli hokkien entertainer. Beautiful composition…

Anyway, our boss throw us a farewell dinner at Turf City steamboat buffet. Let’s skip the process of cooking and eating. Towards the end, when we handed our ‘Thank You’ cards to them, everyone holds a different expression and response. Of course, everyone reads with a smile on their face. Hope we have touched them deeply and expressed our appreciation well~

Seems like everything comes to an end… Especially the parting at the carpark… As though we wont be able to see each other.

Wish them all the best in their career.

I thought i can get away from the shadows of “MONDAY BLUES”. But seems like things that happened the moment i’m awake flare me up.

Before leaving the house, i hear my mum talking so loudly to grandmother over the phone. Veri noisy… Don’t bother to bid goodbye either.

Walk to the usual bus-stop for bus. And that fuck up bus conductor who i know since sec2 is there. He always make a big din out of nowhere, creating unecessary commotions making the peacful morning exceptionally irritating. Idiot! An indian lady is standing right at the end of the bus-stop and this fuck up conductor approaches her. He speaks in malay trying to interfere whatever it is there. The lady replied “You dont speak malay to me. I dun understand. You speak english to me…” The bus conductor just shrug his shoulders indicating he doesn’t noe english. Ganna suan… Though there is this feeling of shiokness, but this commotion has spoilt my first half of my day.

Have a really peaceful sunday. Ever so comfortable sleeping and tossing around in my bed till 12 plus. Nah~ Plan to sleep till 2pm, but seems like i cant simply control. I logged our conversations last nite. That stupid Oral B joke… Rather funny… Couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid sentence that i “constructed” at the beginning. You guys rocks on this kind of topic yar?!

Have been watching television, slacking the whole day. Sleep again at 5pm, but manage to wake up in time to catch Dr. Dolittle.

Recieved a phone call from Yi Mei. It’s always kinda sweet to hear from your ex-classmates. And i admit, they are the ones who take the initiative not me.

We are talking about the coming secondary school gathering. I’m told that the organisers have invited people from other classes as well. This shall be a crowded party. Geok Leng has the intention of dropping out from this event. Hmm~ Guess some of them are still not comfortable with the rest joining in.

Counted the days left… Hmm~ Still very busy and packed with different gatherings and events. I shall spare and make some space just for them.

Went shopping with Lester and Jackey at Orchard yesterday. The same issue, i’m late for 15 min again. Saw 2 grps of people who i’m pretty familiar wif – DIT ruixiang’s classmates and DMMT tat stage B couple. Surprisingly, this couple are still together. Tat gal look so old, tat guy as quiet as a cat. But never mind tat, what i see could be the surface onli.

Shop through the whole of Orchard, and onli me, get nothing from my shopping list. Tried quite a number of caps. And obviously, i’m tempted to get 1 for the trip. Eyed 1 Converse piece. Pretty cool with it, but they say the Nike white 1 suits me better. But i’m still looking for those drawstring ones which u hide all ur hair up. Or perhaps, i shall wrap everything up in my scarf… On the other hand, tat 2 guys bought quite a bit.

Last station, we were sitting at this Starbucks cafe at Plaza Singapura. Hmm… There was this group of people sitting in front of me. But 1 botak guy caught my attention among them. Could be because of his tan-look, could be because of his eyes, or it could be his diamond earing. But of course, i did nothing to it…

Oh yar… Rui Xiang is going Redang with her classmates. So, i guess another group of ICT students are not going to the Dinner and Dance. Well~ me and Rui Xiang will not be able to make it to our secondary school’s gathering as well. Kinda think tat they failed everytime in this area. So sad, isn’t it?