Lester, Jacky, Qin, Laily and me went for the nite supper yesterday. Thank you Lester for the ride… (^.^)

Before this supper, we have been fighting for the front passenger seat. Kinda like there is more personal space in front. And hahaha~ I have 2 chances in the front seat. Hurray~

The moment the clock strikes 12, we had our shoutout to Terry in the car. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yor~ We pulled over at Mount Faber first. Nice scenary, a lot of stars… But we just have little little things flying around in the surrounding. So we decided to head straight to Wen Tong Ji which operates through the nite for chicken rice. Yum yum… By then, the first xiao qiang appears in Lester car. The next stop, we went to Geylang’s for tou hui (beancurd). Quite a big portion share.

The weather is damn so hot and sticky. Onli a short walking journey, everyone is persipiring. I guess all enjoy the air-conditioned car ride the most. Then, that second xiao qiang appeared in the car.

Lastly, we paid a visit to Jacky’s secondary school (Chestnut Drive). The school is pretty deep into the bungalow houses. By then, it’s alreadi 4am and we decided to head back to our home.

Hai… Gotta bid goodbye to all my pals… I’m leaving tml. See you ppl 3 weeks later. And if by luck, we are able to come across any cyber cafe, we will update our blog again. Bye bye…

P.S.: Wait for us to be back, we shall have another gathering for those NS men. Take care. Miss ya~ (T.T)