Celebrated Terry’s advance birthday on the 8th… Din really expect so many ppl to be there. But of coz, the more ppl there is, the merrier it will be. And this is definitely true… Hope everyone has an eventful nite. And thanks to Weekian for the home ride. Thank you veri much…

Yesterday is a good rest indeed. Wake up at 4 plus in the noon, body aching and tired. Guess i sleep too much. Head down to IMM to buy some of my necessity for the tour. And i got myself a medicated sticky pad to stick on my chest – for easy breathing. Kinda have my breathing problem worsen. The moment i lay straight on my back, i’ll get my nose blocked.

But seems like those sticky pad doesnt really work much for me either. Just the scent of lavender (for purpose of relaxation) and the cooling pad tat kinda stay cool when sticked on.

Blogger has changed it’s login page and the internal features. Still exploring though… But nice… (^.^)