What’s Up?

Been very busy for the past few months with school as usual. And there are more things in line for the 3 months holiday.

  1. Internship + internship + internship
  2. Taiwan (again)
  3. Lester’s new logo and name card
  4. FYP preparation + consultations (super worried)
  5. My website revamp (i have decided to move everything to wordpress in future)
  6. Gatherings & chilling out sessions (nikki, call me quick!)

My last project is completed with the joined effort from my dad and my sister. Without them, i will be so so dead. When i need real help, nobody except my family is with me. My sister and dad cut the jems from the time i step out of house to 12am midnight. My dad even slept at 4am to help out. And in return, i din get any cursings, grumblings for the stewpig and time consuming stuff i did. But, we laugh at it and they say “Can you dun do so difficult stuff anot? What your friends doing huh?” And carry on laughing at the pile left to complete. I am so so touched.

I wanted to write about my dad quite sometime ago: why he is so special. I find my dad very different from everyone’s one because he dun behave like one at all. Other than we are young with all the canning and stuff, we are actually closer to our dad than mum. He says all the lame jokes that we cant stop laughing or just roll our eyes and say “LAME LAH”. Sometime we just “tu” or “shh” him straight with all his nonsense. This is how liberal we are at home.

He is the crafty person at home. The thinker. Art and crafts, look for him. Cooking, look for him. Sewing using the sewing machine, look for him. Play games, look for him. You want to cut hair (both human and dog), you can look for him. When you are sick, you only want him to accompany you to the doctor. If you have something really excited to share, you would want him to hear it first. The first person you want to call home when you are abroad, it’s him. So strange, but most of my life circles around this old man. This is how fantastic he is and how close we are.

I bet it is partially because we live in a small house, the only largest common area is the living room. We dun go into separate rooms and stay inside for the whole day. We interact as we watched tv programs. His teachings are often through the form of jokes or stories. This is where we learnt from others mistakes and be a better man. Recently, he so eager to tell us what happen in his friend’s funeral, how unfilial or horrible the children were, and forgets it is 2am in the morning.

He stands as a trustworthy, serious, careful, courageous, creative and most importantly, a person with substance despite of his little education. Sometimes, you just can’t resist saying “Whoa… Mr Low (we call him that at home), you beri good huh.” Then give him a few minutes to hao liao abit and we are done.

And he is very open minded i would say. We sometimes sit down and critise other people’s parents. You’ll be astonished by his remarks. He will say “他们这么年轻, 想法这么老套!” Blah blah blah… I dun think anyone’s dad is so KPO and gossipy, but he is.

My dad is like my everything and my family’s everything. I hope i can keep my temper a lot more because i usually regret what i’ve said. At times, my dad will be so afraid of me that i overheard him telling my mum “不要啦! 阿香会骂人的!” I can’t help but giggle. But dad, my temper and everything is an exact duplicate of yours, if you din realise.

Motion Graphic Screening

Posters done for my elective screening.

What so special about this class is that it used to be for only viscomers, but my batch actually opens up for product design, film and animation majors students. So i theme this: a class of different crafts. There are icons created to represent the various major.

Posters are in red green blue. I think it is quite explainable: the medium output in RGB.

Tata~ More updates on the screening day itself.

Tampines 1 Blogger Mall Tour & Meet Together Session

I was at the Tampines 1 blogger mall tour and meet together session together with Li Xiang. The meeting time was 2pm, but we are slightly late a little. I apologized for that. We met at level 6 which is at the management office. Upon reaching level 5, we realized that there is no way up to level 6 as the lift button and escalator to level 6 was disabled. The only way up is from service stairs.

On the first day, an estimated 111,000 people visited Tampines 1 and on second day it rose to 143,000. All shopping malls are equipped with a human traffic counter at the top of all glass door entrances. I didn’t know about it actually. If you happen to note it next time, it is actually a little black box often mistaken as a sensor.

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Disbanded BLUE

I was listening to Nsync then Backstreet Boys and lastly BLUE while doing my poster. I wasn’t into boy band at all last time. I only fall in love with BLUE. It just bring back poly days feeling whenever i listen to their songs.

Here is one: Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool.

Duncan is so handsome. I even think that my boyfriend should be an angmo next time. Whahaha~

Level Up

Have been chionging homework since sunday nite. Crazy time of the month.
Monday, Western Film History’s thesis paper + Motion Graphic’s final critique.
Tuesday, Production for Designers’ magazine spread.
Wednesday, consultation for Graphic Design 4 + online submission for Business module.
Thursday, presentation for Graphic Design 4 + hardcopy submission for Business module.

Motion graphic’s poster should fit in somewhere along this week schedule but i quite afraid that i can’t finish. Shit!!!

Redbull last nite has caused some side effects on me: gastric pain, fast heart beat and some hand tremblings.

Worst of all, my doom days are next week: exams, assignment hand ups and final exhibition show. My stomach is going to churn and i think i will encounter problem.