Brand New Start

It has been endless chionging of assignments ever since after exam. Unproductively, i onli just finished today. No time to rest though and i am beginning on my new job on Monday.

I little nervous despite that this is my old company, coz the management change, the people change. Anyway, i will be wearing my unfavorite perfume, listening to my mp3 player that i now hardly use. I need to relive the few moments of those working days. I want to wear beautiful tml, but my colleague told me i need to spend most of my time in the storeroom. Hai… Cannot wear cock cock shoes. Hahaha~

Hope everything goes well. Most importantly: don’t overslept.

I Want To Go For Concert

I have been listening to Jacky Cheung’s concert for the past 2 hours. Feel enthu for a concert again… But when when when?

Can i bring him home someday? At least he can sing non-stop… He is a freaking charming father. I am such a old faggot~