The Da Vinci Code Movie

I took leave on last Friday planning to take a break before Peter is back in Singapore. I was pretty mad that day, when i switched on the computer. I saw the wallpaper my sister set. It was a photo of herself with MY NECKLACE. We are in cold war for like 1 month or so, never talk at all at home, no interaction. There is no possibly i have lent her my necklace.

So i searched thru the photos in the hard drive, and read the modified date. I was shocked. I was in the house when the photo was taken. Somemore when i am asleep. Can you imagine somebody sneak into ur room, take your stuff? This is something i cannot accept. And i found another of her recent photo with my spaghetti top that i have been searching for 2 months. She has the cheek to wear it. I dunno what i can lock. I have locked my wardrobe since cny, now display set also need to. At that point of time, I really wish to move out to hostel and never come back again. Very disappointed. And not forgetting a slap on her face or a kick in her stomach.

Redang Trip
Me and Chan will be going to Redang this July. A get away before our school starts. And some time to be alone just with him in paradise. Checked out prices over internet (direct booking) for accommodation, transportation and ferry. A bit troublesome to go thru all these, so we decided to go to travel agency in Jurong Point. Save the trouble this time round but should we intend to revisit this paradise, we can plan ourselves.

Had supper at Bukit Timah Prata House with Suqin, Laily, Wee Kian and Chan. Quite a good meet up since we have not meet for long. Heez~ A lot of things to say to everybody, but time is very little and most of us are quite tired liao. Hope can have another session some other day.

The Da Vinci Code Movie
This movie is good for people who did not read the book. But for me, it sucks though. Some of the details are not in the movie. The movie did not explain much about the Knight of Templar which Langdon describe quite a bit to Sophie in the book. Teabing and his servant have tabbed onto the phone and therefore they know so much about the Holy Grail and their activities. With their knowledge, Teabing cheated on Bishop for his plot. The major one is about the cryptex. There are all together 2 cryptex. What the movie showed is the 2nd one, opened with the password APPLE. Blankly stare in the screen expecting for more. But somehow disappointed.

I have yet to tender, but i took the opportunity to tell them verbally yesterday. Suddenly feel very sad, as though the situation is firm. But my company secretary has told me i have received 20% increment in salary. What a waste, i won’t be able to receive them. That is a lot of money by the way~ Hahaha~

The rest of the people, not intending to tell them till date is closer.

Nowadays Women & Nowadays Men

Yesterday I watched the repeat telecast of a variety show, Bai Jia Le, hosted by Mark Lee and Bryan Wong. The team that Mark Lee works with is a family of 3, adults in their 40s and child in his primary 3 (I guess). I am very surprised to learn what the wife has done for the house, DIY curtains to the lights, bao ga liao. When Mark asked the husband to change the light, he took so long to accomplish. But the wife like shoo shoo shoo finish in a flash. Incredible woman!!! Applause please~

Now I wonder: how many women will stay home and be a full-time house wife? Daily house chores shall includes:

  • Make breakfast
  • Babysit the baby
  • Bring the children to school
  • Go market
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Do laundry
  • Cook lunch
  • Feed the baby
  • Bring children back from school
  • Bathe the children
  • Feed them lunch
  • Play with them
  • Feed baby again
  • Pat them to take afternoon nap
  • Prepare dinner
  • Cook dinner
  • Wake children up
  • Hubby back
  • Eat dinner
  • Feed baby again
  • Maybe you have a couple of calls from relative or friends to chit chat with you, so entertain them
  • Children and hubby watch TV while you put the baby to sleep
  • Clean the dishes
  • Wash the soiled clothes
  • Take this chance to bathe
  • Check on the baby first
  • Iron or mend some clothes
  • Chase the children to brush teeth and to bed
  • Read bedtime stories
  • Go kitchen & living room and touch touch here touch touch there (this is what my mum always do)
  • Go back room still need to satisfy the hubby
  • Drop dead and sleep like pig
  • Oh no~ Little baby crys~ Need milk and change pampers

Actually I meant to list 4 main points. But the list is definitely clearly break down. Heez~

And therefore, given an opportunity for the young single women and men to work oversea for a term of 3 years, will you go? Terms given: pay rise, explict prospect oversea and when you return back to the base. You are attached, not married, no children, no burden, parents are healthy and kicking, can earn a living, still have siblings at home to look after them. Will you seize this opportunity and biang for this 3 years?

My dear will not. Reason given: girlfriend is like family. (-.-‘”) But I will. Go and chuang yi chuang. May be I will be a better person leh? My thought is earn as much as you can when your youth still worth a penny.

What do you think?

NTU Tea Party

Met Karen to the NTU Tea Party at Asian Civilisation Museum. The function room is just nice for us to roam and mix around with. There are several “media” in between the crowd, the photographers and camera man from the School I guess. We are served with ice tea which tastes like cough syrup. But generally the buffet snacks are great. Heez~ And I make 2 new friends, but I don’t remember their name.

The course presentation starts shortly and we are briefed with what to expect. Without reading much of the course when I opted for, I am amazed by the foundation work that they focus and ultimately the degree that I will be getting (and specialize in). Quite excited though~ But as usual, they will be revamping some of the modules, if I do not misinterpret, so what they list may not be what you are getting. I am a bit greedy though, wanted photography, filmatography, visual communications, animation… Though we will be taking all these as core modules in first year, but at least I give a try and hope to reduce my fear in those unfamiliar trades.

Throughout the high tea, I realize some are quite young. They look like secondary school students. Some dress until I wanna pengz liao, too kua zhang. This School is definitely going to be very interesting since everyone is so happening in a very wrong way.

DHL Balloon

We tried out Uberburger last Friday at Millenia Walk. The ambience is excellent, but the burger are onli so-so. Probably I am expecting very fragrance burger bread and a tasting soup to go with it.

Firstly, we ordered the wrong soup of the day, a cold tomato soup. It is served freezing cold, as though drinking tomato juice. A bit chao qing (grass taste). Secondly, the burger bread seems freshly baked from the kitchen, but too bad it does not taste any special. My chicken patty in between is finely chopped. The texture is nice, however, it could be the spice used to marinate, it tasted like satay flavoured patty.

Lastly, the menu is innovative yet pretty easy for people to “misread”. Imagine your menu reads: Chicken Burger – 4teen.Ninety. Therefore, my dear thought his burger is $20 something, instead of $30 something.

Icon – Bugis Point
Adjacent to Parco Bugis, the newly set up shopping mall, Icon, holds quite a number small shops. The passageway between the shops is quite narrow, but it does give a more cosy feeling. Quite a place to explore for gifts, clothing and accessories…

Story Reading
I complete The Da Vinci Code. Well~ The process of solving mystery keep my eyes fixed on the book. However, the ending was somehow as i expected. Shall watch the movie next week. Hopefully it can bring some life to the story.

Meet Kenny and Sharon at PS on Monday to take the books. I have already build up the habit of reading a book while taking MRT to work. Can’t possibly waste that 20 minutes of my life doing nothing. Din expect the gathering to be so quiet. Acutally I keep thinking of conversation topic in my brain, just nothing came out. A bit pai seh~

The DHL Balloon
I have been eyeing for the DHL balloon that has been floating in the Bugis sky for weeks. Claiming that it will be the latest tourist attraction, the balloon can fly up to 40 storeys high. I am definitely going up there. Heez~ Probably take some photos from the high high sky.

Break Away
Wish to have a break away after I quit. Have some plans floating in my mind.

New Swatch Watch

Traders Hotel – Café Biz
Celebrated our one and a half year anniversary at Café Biz. Lester holds a Singtel voucher to this buffet which we can enjoy 20% off in total bill. The brunch was quite a good spread but no creamy chicken or mushroom soup to go along with my bread. Eat until I have difficulty walking from Tangling Mall to Taka.

Coincidentally, Bong is at Kinokuniya. So we took our time shopping for books and more books.

The Da Vinci Code
Surprisingly I have been very devoted to my book. Have been reading it when I am on my way to work, before I sleep and whenever I am alone. So far, I am till 66 chapters, coming to 67.

Feeling remorseful because I never build up my reading habit when I am young. Now time don’t wait for me to go back to my childhood. Predicted about 5 days to go to complete The Da Vinci.

Learning about the truth that reading is so important, I have a trade with Kenny: he lends me his Harry Potter series (again) and the Enid Blyton one, I will wrap these books up in plastic sheets. So as to all the 9 programming books on Lester’s book shelves. Can’t bear to have the dust coating them. (^_^)

Now I just need more books~

The Wild

It is the best animation I have seen this half of the year. The idea is brilliant. Brilliant focus on how the animals look, talk and behave. Still remember at the end where 3 insect characters (I dunno what to call them, but they roll dungs) rolling the dung, it definitely “taste” fantasy enuff in the animation world, compare to their ugly look in realistic. Non-stop laughing, touching at parts too~

Swatch Watch
Finally bought myself a new Swatch watch after emptying my hand for 5 years. I was a bit reluctant in the first place, still thinking of my dream watch from Calvin Klein. Yup~ That costs S$365 and it will still remain in my To-Buy list. Actually, I have the money but I need to weigh that against my future expenses in university. Luxury watch? Future expenses? Luxury watch? Future expenses? Hmm…

Bras Basah
Yesterday I left the office early to do printing in Bras Basah. Of course I still face some problems. However, the printers there are indeed helpful. A pity that I din know much as they do, if not, my knowledge will be widen again.

The Popular book store in Bras Basah has been renovated. It is like high class Popular. Books are very organize compared to the past. There are total of 5 levels, one of which is the café. I see that they have wide collection of designing, photography and art history books, not losing out to any of the Kinokuniya. I guess this will be the next frequent place you can spot me when I am back in school.

Sick and tired of working. The people here are still as usual: the Earth evolves just for them.

The newly appointed IT Director has started his work in the office. He asks me a question: what do you see yourself in the future? And what did you expect? Seriously, nothing~ I am concern with what I will produce, the product, definitely not getting myself into their strategic and management planning. Totally not interested.

On the second thought, if it is not because that I am leaving (my heck attitude), should I also be thinking what do I expect from the company?

NTU Tea Party
For the newbies to my course, we are invited to their Tea Party. Probably take this chance to know other friends and to find out more about this course.