The Da Vinci Code Movie

I took leave on last Friday planning to take a break before Peter is back in Singapore. I was pretty mad that day, when i switched on the computer. I saw the wallpaper my sister set. It was a photo of herself with MY NECKLACE. We are in cold war for like 1 month or so, never talk at all at home, no interaction. There is no possibly i have lent her my necklace.

So i searched thru the photos in the hard drive, and read the modified date. I was shocked. I was in the house when the photo was taken. Somemore when i am asleep. Can you imagine somebody sneak into ur room, take your stuff? This is something i cannot accept. And i found another of her recent photo with my spaghetti top that i have been searching for 2 months. She has the cheek to wear it. I dunno what i can lock. I have locked my wardrobe since cny, now display set also need to. At that point of time, I really wish to move out to hostel and never come back again. Very disappointed. And not forgetting a slap on her face or a kick in her stomach.

Redang Trip
Me and Chan will be going to Redang this July. A get away before our school starts. And some time to be alone just with him in paradise. Checked out prices over internet (direct booking) for accommodation, transportation and ferry. A bit troublesome to go thru all these, so we decided to go to travel agency in Jurong Point. Save the trouble this time round but should we intend to revisit this paradise, we can plan ourselves.

Had supper at Bukit Timah Prata House with Suqin, Laily, Wee Kian and Chan. Quite a good meet up since we have not meet for long. Heez~ A lot of things to say to everybody, but time is very little and most of us are quite tired liao. Hope can have another session some other day.

The Da Vinci Code Movie
This movie is good for people who did not read the book. But for me, it sucks though. Some of the details are not in the movie. The movie did not explain much about the Knight of Templar which Langdon describe quite a bit to Sophie in the book. Teabing and his servant have tabbed onto the phone and therefore they know so much about the Holy Grail and their activities. With their knowledge, Teabing cheated on Bishop for his plot. The major one is about the cryptex. There are all together 2 cryptex. What the movie showed is the 2nd one, opened with the password APPLE. Blankly stare in the screen expecting for more. But somehow disappointed.

I have yet to tender, but i took the opportunity to tell them verbally yesterday. Suddenly feel very sad, as though the situation is firm. But my company secretary has told me i have received 20% increment in salary. What a waste, i won’t be able to receive them. That is a lot of money by the way~ Hahaha~

The rest of the people, not intending to tell them till date is closer.