Nowadays Women & Nowadays Men

Yesterday I watched the repeat telecast of a variety show, Bai Jia Le, hosted by Mark Lee and Bryan Wong. The team that Mark Lee works with is a family of 3, adults in their 40s and child in his primary 3 (I guess). I am very surprised to learn what the wife has done for the house, DIY curtains to the lights, bao ga liao. When Mark asked the husband to change the light, he took so long to accomplish. But the wife like shoo shoo shoo finish in a flash. Incredible woman!!! Applause please~

Now I wonder: how many women will stay home and be a full-time house wife? Daily house chores shall includes:

  • Make breakfast
  • Babysit the baby
  • Bring the children to school
  • Go market
  • Wash dishes
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Do laundry
  • Cook lunch
  • Feed the baby
  • Bring children back from school
  • Bathe the children
  • Feed them lunch
  • Play with them
  • Feed baby again
  • Pat them to take afternoon nap
  • Prepare dinner
  • Cook dinner
  • Wake children up
  • Hubby back
  • Eat dinner
  • Feed baby again
  • Maybe you have a couple of calls from relative or friends to chit chat with you, so entertain them
  • Children and hubby watch TV while you put the baby to sleep
  • Clean the dishes
  • Wash the soiled clothes
  • Take this chance to bathe
  • Check on the baby first
  • Iron or mend some clothes
  • Chase the children to brush teeth and to bed
  • Read bedtime stories
  • Go kitchen & living room and touch touch here touch touch there (this is what my mum always do)
  • Go back room still need to satisfy the hubby
  • Drop dead and sleep like pig
  • Oh no~ Little baby crys~ Need milk and change pampers

Actually I meant to list 4 main points. But the list is definitely clearly break down. Heez~

And therefore, given an opportunity for the young single women and men to work oversea for a term of 3 years, will you go? Terms given: pay rise, explict prospect oversea and when you return back to the base. You are attached, not married, no children, no burden, parents are healthy and kicking, can earn a living, still have siblings at home to look after them. Will you seize this opportunity and biang for this 3 years?

My dear will not. Reason given: girlfriend is like family. (-.-‘”) But I will. Go and chuang yi chuang. May be I will be a better person leh? My thought is earn as much as you can when your youth still worth a penny.

What do you think?