NTU Tea Party

Met Karen to the NTU Tea Party at Asian Civilisation Museum. The function room is just nice for us to roam and mix around with. There are several “media” in between the crowd, the photographers and camera man from the School I guess. We are served with ice tea which tastes like cough syrup. But generally the buffet snacks are great. Heez~ And I make 2 new friends, but I don’t remember their name.

The course presentation starts shortly and we are briefed with what to expect. Without reading much of the course when I opted for, I am amazed by the foundation work that they focus and ultimately the degree that I will be getting (and specialize in). Quite excited though~ But as usual, they will be revamping some of the modules, if I do not misinterpret, so what they list may not be what you are getting. I am a bit greedy though, wanted photography, filmatography, visual communications, animation… Though we will be taking all these as core modules in first year, but at least I give a try and hope to reduce my fear in those unfamiliar trades.

Throughout the high tea, I realize some are quite young. They look like secondary school students. Some dress until I wanna pengz liao, too kua zhang. This School is definitely going to be very interesting since everyone is so happening in a very wrong way.