I just experienced a blackout for at least 1 hr 30 min… The birth rate of singapore is gonna raise by dunno how many percentage during this period. Wahahaha~

Me and my youngest sister played UNO throughout the “primitive period”. With the dimly lited lamps, flickering and flickering flames, we had a big problem differentiating the blue cards from the green ones. Keep arguing whether did either one make any mistakes when flashing the cards to the deck. Hahaha~ While my dog, cannot see much either. Follow behind my mum, in and out… My dad leh? Like a radio, chanting and chanting. He is the onli radio powered without electricity. And the fish… I really hope he go to meet his friends in heaven. But too bad~ Still survive through. The mobile network is busy. My hse phone can onli call in, cannot call out.

I have remain real cool throughout. But i dunno what the heck my parents are doing. They like veri busy sial. The funniest thing of all, my dad racked out a bat and left it in the living room. He said veri seriously “This is the time where burglars will break in. Nah, this is for protection.” Man~ I burst out into laughters… Wahahahaha~

Yawn… Feeling pretty tired every since yesterday. Arghhh… I KO halfway during the match. And I really head straight back to my bed. Missed the second half of the match and the xtra time and the penalty shots. Instead, my dad dong all the way till the end.

And wake up onli at 1pm when i’m suppose to meet up with Kenny and Bong. Late~ Anyway, manage to catch the repeat telecast at Causeway Point’s foodcourt. Erm.. That’s the reason why me and bong took so long to buy our food while that poor Kenny sit still in his seat. Hahaha~ Endless sharing session about soccer matches whenever i saw Bong. Hahaha~ Send Kenny off shortly after lunch. Humph~ Took a bus home. My head rocks from left to right again. Whenever i woke up, i always find the people sharing this weird glares and stares. The seat beside me is often empty. Wonder is it becoz i rock my head?

Dinner is damn fulling. And i’m thinking of picking up my blading again. Those blades have been sitting on the shelves for at least 4 years. Gonna try them out again when i’m free… I aim to be another skate pro… Hahahaha~

Well~ I have quite an interesting day. Started off with the WSC lesson in school yesterday. Leon invited CLEO’s magazine art director and digital imaging assistant along for today’s talk.

Though i think they din really go veri in depth, but this is quite an relax talk. Almost every photos taken for the magazine require touching up. You may go detail into every part of the body, frm eyes to lips to flipping the head position and etc. Well~ I have learnt how to make your busts bigger. Hahaha~ How to shave off unwanted fats… Man~ And they say all those slimming advertisment are deceiving ones.

And i have this veri veri cute junior, ivy, who is suppose to attend the lesson in the morning. Received her message in the mid saying: “Shit! I’m late… I dun think i will be able to reach in time for class.” Well~ Of coz i noe she has been catching the Euro matches late at nite. All those little little nick names she changes in her msn catches my attention. Another fanatic soccer fan. She replied me again: “Dun talk abt the Euro Cup anymore. My France lost liao. Somemore still hai me late for school. So gei sim….”

Meet up the click at City Hall. Dinner at N.Y.D.C. Yum~ Yum~ Everyone couldn’t wait to pull off Lester’s hat and touch his hair. Haha~ Endless catching up in the restaurant itself. Crack over the chocolate joke. And we took quite a long bit of time for our meal. Then proceed to Esplande to continue another round of chat. Poor Qin, weak stomach, L.S. again. Haiz~ Get well soon…

Have been watching a informative show hosted by Diana Ser in CNA – Get Real. I think it’s a 2nd telecast bah, but still find it very informative. They came across this “LOVERS HOTSPOT” topic, and listed the top 3 places.

#1: East Coast Park (Carpark H)

#2: Mount Faber

#3: Kent Ridge Park

Man~ KO by the second half of the Greece and France match… Nah~ I tink the mood is just not right for soccer. My dad has been boasting about his fanatic stuff he did when we haf the tiger cup donkey years back in his time. Nah~ Then he promise to watch this match with me. But he KO even earlier…

And Greece won!!! Hahaha~ Now really all the lao da lout liao…

(T.T) My England lost liao… Din noe Portugual is so strong. They even haf to fight till the penalty shots stage. Dread… This Euro Cup seems as surprising as The World Cup 2002. I mean the results are amazing. All those “long tou lao da” all out liao. Sigh…

Another 6 matches altogehter before everything comes to an end. 5th July 2004 shall be the final.

I found this Singlish Dictionary from www.talkingcock.com. Find it super funny lor. Me myself make a revision thru all those singlish. Ah Bong ah~ You can learn ur hokkien here lah~


你发觉到了吗? 爱的感觉… …

总是在一开始觉得很甜密, 总觉得多一个人陪, 多一个人帮你分担. 你终于不再孤单, 至少有一个人想着你, 恋者你. 不论做什么事情, 只要能在一起就是好的.

但是慢慢的, 随着彼此的认识越深, 你开始发现对方的缺点, 于是问题一个接着一个发生. 你开始烦, 累得甚至想要逃避.

可是有人却说:”爱情就像在捡石头一样, 总想捡到一个适合自己的.” 但是你又如何知道什么时候能够捡到呢? 他适合你, 那你又适合他吗?

Latest Updates

Kenny – 20th June 2004, 2:13pm

Today’s parent visting day. Now den got free time to msg u guys and gals. Army life sux but the food here’s nice! There’s a gym too. I’m in Hawk Company.

Kenny – 21st June 2004, 12:38pm

Just saw Jackey. He looked pathetic. Think he was paying the medical officer a visit.

Lester – 21st June 2004, 12:30pm

Sian falling sick. Running nose and dry cough. But no fever.

Lester – 21st June 2004, 10:07pm

Yar coming out. Where got so fast change one (as in thin… hahaha~). Left onli 1 week. I did not take MC. Try not to. Jackey fever he went to see the medic…

And that WL keep messaging me again. I had enough…

Man~ I received an email from Lester’s brother. They had the family visitng day yesterday (saturday). And below are all the photos i have in hand…

I know this may sound crazy, but this is definitely me…

Rush to look for kopitiam which telecast Euro Cup matches with my dad. Phew~ Manage to find one near Karen’s house. Tonight is England vs Switzerland. The end result is 3:0. Good fight England… Splendid~ I think my soccer fever shall continue till the end of Euro Cup. Haha~

My mother told me she met my kindergarden friend (WL) and his mother downstair. Strange enough, WL initiated to exchange house number to contact me. I dunno how the process exactly happened, but when my mum told me when i’m having lunch, i find it a total ridic.

And then, the first phone came. WL’s mother rang up my house at around 7 plus and start the conversation rolling. I very very bu nai fan coz i promise to meet up my uncle and he is still waiting for my call. This call came at the wrong timing. WL’s mother said: “You are lixiang huh? Long time never see leh… How are you? Wei Liang says he wanted to call you, but shy… U wait huh, i pass the phone to him.”

At that instant, i regretted answering the phone. It is impossible to squeeze out anything after a lost of contact for 14 to 15 years. I still start very pleasantly to know more about him. How has he been for the fucking 15 years. He asked me “do i carry a mobile?”, “wat model?”, “can send him my pictures?”. The last question put me off. What the fuck he wants my photos for?

But slowly, I think i started to sound like i’m not concentrating in our conversation. So he initiated to hang the phone and we exchanged numbers. Man~ The first thing he did is sending me his photo thru mms. Nabeiz~ I can remember your face better than any fucking rubbish bin lor.

Before i even stepped out of the house, he msg me again. Asking me whether would i like to meet him up near my block for a short while. Siao~ For what? To me, i have forgotten all the single heck about kindergarden except all those stupid guys in the class, trying to scare me with those fake lobster toys. Kindergarden memory is like zero. And i’m rying to know you from zero too. Meeting up with you? You must have been thinking too much. I turn him of straight.

Return home shortly from westmall, my mobile beeps again. WL said: “You reach home le mah? IMM fun? (initially i told him i’m going imm instead of westmall)” Fun what fun? Singapore is only that fucking ass hole big. Some more is a shopping centre, what fun do you expect? I choose to ignore and i din reply. It’s like only 2 min away from the last message, he msg me again. “I think you are very busy. Shall not disturb you…. (got some more nonsense at the back)” I din even bother to reply anything. This is like so fan. People dun reply liao, cant you be more sensitive?

What’s more frustrating is when i’m watching soccer, he msg again. “You said you’ve added me in your frienster, but i din see it. Why not you give me your friendster account, i’ll add it myself.” Before i could reply anything, he called. Just right, it’s half time. Many commotion from the TV and the crowd in kopitiam, i can’t hear his voice clearly. I turn my mobile volume louder, yet i say “hello” in a very inpolite tone. Machiam like ah beng trying to answer his mobile “hello?! ni ai che xiang?”. This time he sensed it, and confirmed with me whether i’m currently free anot. I just told him straight off, “I’m watching soccer now!” And there he hang the phone.

The whole process my dad is beside me. I just complaint to him whatever i wanna say. Fucking furious lor. My close guy friends dun fan me that much as well. And i’m really frightened off by this kind of ppl. I dunno what they want from me, neither do i want to get any close intact with them. Seriously, i dun appreciate this kind of friends.

I’m having a real headache. And i blame my mum for exchanging numbers. But in actual fact, she owes me nothing, not even a reason. I should have direct the problem to myself, WHY SHOULD I EXCHANGE MOBILE NUMBERS WITH HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?