I just experienced a blackout for at least 1 hr 30 min… The birth rate of singapore is gonna raise by dunno how many percentage during this period. Wahahaha~

Me and my youngest sister played UNO throughout the “primitive period”. With the dimly lited lamps, flickering and flickering flames, we had a big problem differentiating the blue cards from the green ones. Keep arguing whether did either one make any mistakes when flashing the cards to the deck. Hahaha~ While my dog, cannot see much either. Follow behind my mum, in and out… My dad leh? Like a radio, chanting and chanting. He is the onli radio powered without electricity. And the fish… I really hope he go to meet his friends in heaven. But too bad~ Still survive through. The mobile network is busy. My hse phone can onli call in, cannot call out.

I have remain real cool throughout. But i dunno what the heck my parents are doing. They like veri busy sial. The funniest thing of all, my dad racked out a bat and left it in the living room. He said veri seriously “This is the time where burglars will break in. Nah, this is for protection.” Man~ I burst out into laughters… Wahahahaha~