Hairloom & Cameral

Hairloom & Caramel is a whimsical cafe located at Shaw Towers, Beach Road. You will be overwhelmed by the old school toys and furniture when you first step in.

It is probably a small 30-ish people cafe serving food like salad, sandwich, pasta and drinks. Set lunch is also available on weekdays only. You can laze in there the whole afternoon, feeling like time has stopped and you’ve been to another world.

The girls and I ordered our mains: Soy Sauce Braised Chicken Breast Salad in Japanese  Yuzu Dressing, Bacon & Onion Spaghetti in Aglio Olio and Salmon Spaghetti in House Special Pink Sauce. On average, each cost about $10. Portion is just nice for me, hot food, simple ingredients. We had Yuzu Frost, Citron Presse and Rootbeer Float, each around $5 to $6.

Just by the names: Vita Plum (Ice blended Vitagen & Sour Plum), Lemon Sour Plum, Homemade Honey Lemongrass, Citron Presse (Soda with Crushed Mint & Lime Juice), Kopi Milkshake and Yuzu Frost, you know these drinks are special. Do try their Iced Specialty drinks when you visit Hairloom!

If you fancy any toys, jewellery, stationery or a home deco found in Hairloom & Caramel, they are all on sale.

Durian Fiesta 2011

I was sitting on this blog post for 6 days thinking what to write for Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Fiesta 2011. As food tasting is very subjective to each individual, this entry may share some of my preferences towards their signatures.

From 28th May to 17th July 2011, you can enjoy a range of Goodwood Park’s signature dessert at their Coffee Lounge. You can either go for:

  • $26.80++ per person (Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries only) or
  • $39.80++ per person (Dessert + Taiwan Porridge A-La-Carte Buffet)

The Goodwood Park Hotel brings in 6 durian delights at the dessert bar: Durian cappuccino cake, Durian mousse cake, Durian Oreo cake, Durian pudding, Durian puff and Durian pancake this year.

We go for desserts only and skipped the Taiwan porridge, thinking we can eat to our hearts content. I was a little disappoint to see a small dessert bar when I first enter the Coffee Lounge. Other than our main focus, the durian, you are also entitled to fruits, Nonya kueh, Chinese desserts, Moven Pick ice cream and sorbet.

In my first round of durian frenzy, I took one of everything. The signature Durian mousse cake and the Durian puffs are still the best, however, I do wish they are less thawed. But rest assured, there is no doubt on quality and taste of these durian. Just that, comparing to those you take out from their Deli, you can thaw these puffs to liking. In my case, I prefer have them served cold, with puff fillings still a little freezy and occasionally biting into the ice bits. While in the Coffee Lounge, the puffs, the cakes and most of the others are served in room temperature. Somehow somewhere the magic is gone…

The Durian pudding and Durian pancakes are worth mentioning. Pudding is soft and creamy and pancakes are freshly made by the pastry chef at the dessert counter. Yum! The durian buffet has a well balance of non-durian choices such as: Apple crumple, Pineapple pie, Berry sponge mousse (pardon me, I forgot their names). Indeed, they have more citrus but they complement the jerliat-ness after all the durians! It was a little pity the dessert buffet does not include tea or coffee. Drinking plain water does not clear our palate from the heavy durian. We each order an English Breakfast Tea and a Flower Fairies Tea.

Durian cappuccino cake is over powered by the coffee. Durian Oreo makes me think “Where’s the Oreo?!” And I’m just not sure what am I eating when I bite into Durian cheesecake. Maybe some combinations are not meant for each other.

You can give Nonya kueh and Chinese desserts (Green bean soup and Pulau Hitam) a miss. Want something cold? There are Moven Pick chocolate, coffee ice cream and lime sorbet free flow!

Goodwood Park Hotel

Dessert Bar

Quiet Corner

Durian Dessert Begins

Durian Signatures

My Non-Durian Favourites

Green Bean Soup & Pulau Hitam

English Breakfast Tea

Flower Fairies Tea

Envirosax Reusable Bags

I chanced upon Envirosax’s reuseable bags on Gmarket recently. I was attracted by purely its aesthetic: the graphic prints and the shape of the bags. I like the idea that some designs come in a series, so I’ve purchased this Travel Pouch, themed New York, Paris and Sydney.

These bags are unique because they are bigger than A4. You can always carry them like a casual bag. They are fashionably designed. One tag says “fully washable” with no fading prints, truly suits the anal me.

I want to shout out a big thank you to as my first parcel is lost with SingPost and they offer to send me another one free. Appreciated!

Envirosax Travel Pouch Series

3 Bags Can Be Kept Together

Inside The Bag

Upon Rolling Out

Instruction Label On How To Keep The Bags

New York Bag

Paris Bag

Sydney Bag

20110703-015721.jpgNew York Bag

20110703-015923.jpgParis Bag

20110703-015930.jpgSydney Bag

20110703-020951.jpgBigger Than A4 Size