Hairloom & Cameral

Hairloom & Caramel is a whimsical cafe located at Shaw Towers, Beach Road. You will be overwhelmed by the old school toys and furniture when you first step in.

It is probably a small 30-ish people cafe serving food like salad, sandwich, pasta and drinks. Set lunch is also available on weekdays only. You can laze in there the whole afternoon, feeling like time has stopped and you’ve been to another world.

The girls and I ordered our mains: Soy Sauce Braised Chicken Breast Salad in Japanese  Yuzu Dressing, Bacon & Onion Spaghetti in Aglio Olio and Salmon Spaghetti in House Special Pink Sauce. On average, each cost about $10. Portion is just nice for me, hot food, simple ingredients. We had Yuzu Frost, Citron Presse and Rootbeer Float, each around $5 to $6.

Just by the names: Vita Plum (Ice blended Vitagen & Sour Plum), Lemon Sour Plum, Homemade Honey Lemongrass, Citron Presse (Soda with Crushed Mint & Lime Juice), Kopi Milkshake and Yuzu Frost, you know these drinks are special. Do try their Iced Specialty drinks when you visit Hairloom!

If you fancy any toys, jewellery, stationery or a home deco found in Hairloom & Caramel, they are all on sale.

Random Office Hour Lunch

This is one of the random things I will do during recess: meet up an old friend for lunch. Actaully, Coral Village serve very nice zichar food. I tried once at Beach Road, this is the second time. But this particular branch at Kreta Ayer takes like ages to serve.

Laily’s Chicken Chop Rice
Our Homemade Tofu
My Fried Rice With Salted Fish