Envirosax Reusable Bags

I chanced upon Envirosax’s reuseable bags on Gmarket recently. I was attracted by purely its aesthetic: the graphic prints and the shape of the bags. I like the idea that some designs come in a series, so I’ve purchased this Travel Pouch, themed New York, Paris and Sydney.

These bags are unique because they are bigger than A4. You can always carry them like a casual bag. They are fashionably designed. One tag says “fully washable” with no fading prints, truly suits the anal me.

I want to shout out a big thank you to MrnMrsFabulous.com as my first parcel is lost with SingPost and they offer to send me another one free. Appreciated!

Envirosax Travel Pouch Series

3 Bags Can Be Kept Together

Inside The Bag

Upon Rolling Out

Instruction Label On How To Keep The Bags

New York Bag

Paris Bag

Sydney Bag

20110703-015721.jpgNew York Bag

20110703-015923.jpgParis Bag

20110703-015930.jpgSydney Bag

20110703-020951.jpgBigger Than A4 Size