Yawn… Feeling pretty tired every since yesterday. Arghhh… I KO halfway during the match. And I really head straight back to my bed. Missed the second half of the match and the xtra time and the penalty shots. Instead, my dad dong all the way till the end.

And wake up onli at 1pm when i’m suppose to meet up with Kenny and Bong. Late~ Anyway, manage to catch the repeat telecast at Causeway Point’s foodcourt. Erm.. That’s the reason why me and bong took so long to buy our food while that poor Kenny sit still in his seat. Hahaha~ Endless sharing session about soccer matches whenever i saw Bong. Hahaha~ Send Kenny off shortly after lunch. Humph~ Took a bus home. My head rocks from left to right again. Whenever i woke up, i always find the people sharing this weird glares and stares. The seat beside me is often empty. Wonder is it becoz i rock my head?

Dinner is damn fulling. And i’m thinking of picking up my blading again. Those blades have been sitting on the shelves for at least 4 years. Gonna try them out again when i’m free… I aim to be another skate pro… Hahahaha~