Well~ I have quite an interesting day. Started off with the WSC lesson in school yesterday. Leon invited CLEO’s magazine art director and digital imaging assistant along for today’s talk.

Though i think they din really go veri in depth, but this is quite an relax talk. Almost every photos taken for the magazine require touching up. You may go detail into every part of the body, frm eyes to lips to flipping the head position and etc. Well~ I have learnt how to make your busts bigger. Hahaha~ How to shave off unwanted fats… Man~ And they say all those slimming advertisment are deceiving ones.

And i have this veri veri cute junior, ivy, who is suppose to attend the lesson in the morning. Received her message in the mid saying: “Shit! I’m late… I dun think i will be able to reach in time for class.” Well~ Of coz i noe she has been catching the Euro matches late at nite. All those little little nick names she changes in her msn catches my attention. Another fanatic soccer fan. She replied me again: “Dun talk abt the Euro Cup anymore. My France lost liao. Somemore still hai me late for school. So gei sim….”

Meet up the click at City Hall. Dinner at N.Y.D.C. Yum~ Yum~ Everyone couldn’t wait to pull off Lester’s hat and touch his hair. Haha~ Endless catching up in the restaurant itself. Crack over the chocolate joke. And we took quite a long bit of time for our meal. Then proceed to Esplande to continue another round of chat. Poor Qin, weak stomach, L.S. again. Haiz~ Get well soon…

Have been watching a informative show hosted by Diana Ser in CNA – Get Real. I think it’s a 2nd telecast bah, but still find it very informative. They came across this “LOVERS HOTSPOT” topic, and listed the top 3 places.

#1: East Coast Park (Carpark H)

#2: Mount Faber

#3: Kent Ridge Park