Super bo liao now~ Went to surf my secondary school class’s msn group. Din notice they posted so many photographs liao…

Many posted their graduation nite events. All formerly dressed, beautifully dolled up. Saw another category – BBQ 2004. This event i missed out. I’m enjoying my holiday in malaysia. According to these photos, 2 of my enemies went. Well~ I’m gonna defence myself, I’M NOT TRYING TO PETTY OVER WHAT HAS HAPPENED, BUT I CHOOSE NOT TO FORGIVE. Phew~ Luckily i’m not there.

Thinking back, we could be very very close friends. Just because of a guy… Jerks…

Many changed a lot… And this give me a inspiration to change. Firstly, i’m gonna cut down on my size bah~ 1 thing at a time… Hahaha~

Artist: Michael Learns To Rock

Title: Take Me To Your Heart

Hiding from the rain and snow

Trying to forget but I won’t let go

Looking at a crowded street

Listening to my own heart beat

So many people all around the world

Tell me where do I find someone like you girl


Take me to your heart take me to your soul

Give me your hand before I’m old

Show me what love is – haven’t got a clue

Show me that wonders can be true

They say nothing lasts forever

We’re only here today

Love is now or never

Bring me far away

Take me to your heart take me to your soul

Give me your hand and hold me

Show me what love is – be my guiding star

It’s easy take me to your heart

Standing on a mountain high

Looking at the moon through a clear blue sky

I should go and see some friends

But they don’t really comprehend

Don’t need too much talking without saying anything

All I need is someone who makes me wanna sing

*Repeat Chorus

Have been editing my backpack trip photos for the past few days. Flipped my albums and discover that i din develop some of the past events pictures. Sob! Sob! This shall cost me a big hole in my pocket. Sighh~ (-.-‘”)

Met up with Xing Cai at his workplace. Dinner at Parco Bugis’s Swensen. Ordered my usual favourite, chicken baked rice. In addition, i ordered the teriyaki pizza as well. Hmm~ Seems like ordering this pizza in Swensen isn’t a wise move. It sucks~

Suppose to continue another round of food nearby, but he suggested chilling out at Clarke Quay. Ordered 1 Vodka Sprite for myself and 1 jug of dunno wat for himself. Drink until i get so bloated. Try to “detoxify” myself in the toilet, push the door opened to check anyone in there. Well~ Just right in front of me, that guy pee without locking the door. My hands are like busily trying to get hold of the door knob before it has swing all right open. Man~ I’m too late. I din know i pushed so hard. Before i finally gripped onto the knob, it’s already three quarter open. Man~ I still need to apologise calmly “Sorry…”, pull the door back. When he ws out, he told me the door was spoilt, cannot lock. This is like total rubbish. When i’m inside, there is a latch to lock the door. Wat cannot lock? Simi sai? Must be drunk liao…

Stay at the bar till 2 plus to watch Euro cup, Denmark vs Italy. Too bad the atmosphere wasn’t really that crowded (plus it is a monday), if not that will be an excellent soccer watching ambience.

On call for a Mercede cab back home. I wonder why he always call this driver. But shortly after which i understand. A very young driver in his early 40s. Veri chatty, but chatty in a sense he shared the same topics and frequency like us. He has been crapping a lot and lots of dirty jokes and codes shared around. Funny~

Wake up peacefully in the morning, feel slightly aching in my kidneys area. Well~ I’m always veri concern about me getting the kidney problem. This concern strikes me again… Drink less, have a bland diet… Must remember… (^.^)

I have been like keeping myself so alert and sensitive to mobile ringing sound for the whole day. Keep hearing my mobile phone ringing, but actually it isn’t. Kinda like suffering from ‘Mobile Ringing, Nervous Hiang Syndrome’. They go in, i’m nervous breakdown. Hahaha~

Lester called me at 10 plus last night… Well~ Din picked up the fone in time, MISSED CALL. I quickly called back, but no reply. So gan jiong sial. Somemore called a few times, thought i missed this chance. Sad ah~ Heng heng he called back again… Phew~ He was doing his laundry. Hmm… Lester doing laundry…

Anyway, he nagged abit about me not picking up the fone in time. Btw, he is living at 4th level. Then we go on talking about the food inside. “Sucks!” he said. And that siao kia said “If you (i) really cook, i think you cook nicer than them.” I asked him “Xin ku ma?” (whether is it draining?), he replied “So far still ok… Just jogging only. Still light.” We like machine gun, blah blah blah veri fast. Time is so precious.

We were kinda interrupted by 1 incident: “Fuck! Shit! I think i drop my swimming trunks downstair.” Lester said. Well~ Of coz, he nearly did. But somehow it hangs at the latch or wat, so SAVED! Then the most interesting thing is their bathing session. I kpo lah, asked him about the toilet. He said “It’s OPEN CONCEPT” Hahaha~

Lester did saw some familiar faces inside: Zhi Wei and Chun Hwee. People like Alvin seems to belong to a different company. So far din see him yet. Then Jackey live next-door to Lester’s bung. Haha~ They got one another, so fortunate… Jackey called Laily instead. Let’s see whether Laily has anything to write in her blog.

P/S: Our Mr Kenny Hong Weixiong is in today… (T.T)

11th June 2004 – 04:43:09am

Yo xiang, i am coping ok (official training haven start) in the army. Everything is ok beside the food. I will call u when gt time because last 2 days nt enough time to bath. I only called my mom. The meals here u gt 15 mins to eat, bath 30 mins for 48 ppl, wake up 4.30am. Jackey same platoon as me means all 48 of us will train together. Help me tell the rest. Thanks. -Lester-

Well~ I shall be their command centre for the coming 3 weeks… Best of luck lah~

Pay a visit to the ITP company in the afternoon for lunch. It’s been nearly a month, they haven see us. All comments are like “You are so dark!”. Hahaha~ Anyway, haf lunch with them at dover. Catch up wif them on the way. Fun~

We meet up with my click of frends at laily’s house. Steam boat man… The veri veri last farewell gathering. Sad ah~ People who attended: Laily, Serene, Suqin, Geargina, Me, Lester and Jackey.

Steamboat is pretty much cozy. You really gotta chat and eat at the same time. Most of all, you can stick your butt to the place as long as you wan. Kinda eat and eat and eat throughout, look through all those photos from our backpack trip and tell our side of stories. Haha~ Desert is 2 watermelons (one red , one yellow), cans and cans of syrup fruits. Yum! Geargina participated in the Singapore Idol… Best of luck to ya~

Lester’s mum send us back home. Thank you for the ride…

Go back home, something wrong with my telephone line, always in the engaging tone. Can’t go online…

Now is 3am in the morning. Haiz… Have been fixing the modem thingy till late afternoon until kenny jio me out. Called the service hotline and their operating hours is from monday to friday. Haiz… Try my luck again on monday.

Went out with our mr kenny hong in the late evening. Really long time no see. Someone botak lor. Met up at Orchard as usual for some shopping. Din manage to get anything but i did eye some spagetti strips in far east plaza. Hahaha~

Dinner at Scotts Ajisen Ramen Restaurant. Delicious and fulling. Blurp~ Followed by endless shopping towards the heeran side. I lost 1 of the Jackie Cheung’s canto disk in year 1. Found it in HMV. But it cost 10 bucks more than what i’ve originally purchase. Big hole in my pocket. Din buy lah~ See the other cd outlets (CD-RAMA, Sembawang) got anot.

Bong ganna psyco to come and meet us at Centre Point after her work. Continue chatting till like 11 plus. Proceed to Somerset MRT station, there is an annoucment flashing “Serivce Disruption from Newton to Toa Payoh towards Jurong direction”. So kenny ended up taking bus back home. Today is not his day. Ha~

Yesterday is a farewell party for the ns men… Hmm… Some of them cant make it, well~ Anyway, there is another make up for the others.

Lunch at Breeks restaurant, Marina Square. I dun fancy the food there. Perhaps, i prefer the buffet style. Heez~ Watch the movie, The Day AFter Tomorrow, at GV Marina. It was hot and stuffy until i need to take off my jacket.

Go ga jiao Serene at the book fair. Empty and quiet. Sales is like up and down. Dinner at Suntec food court. This is the dunno how many time i ordered the food from the same store ever since this food court is opened. Haha~

Chill out again at Pacific Cafe, Citilink. Ah bong always get so excited whenever she reaches the Suntec and Citilink compound. Haha~ Anyway, got the photos burned from Qin’s laptop. Finally gotta see our trip photos. I will post them asap. And my journal… Haha~ Still haven write. Hmm~ Still thinking how to organise them.

Arghh~ Have been fixing my boardband thingy till late nite. Sorry to trouble Lester. Pai seh sial… Still in the process fo fixing my stuff…

Ganna woke up by my younger sister ealry at 10am. Yawn~ Not enuff sleep leh… She needs me to help her to check the road directory to her part-time work place. Ganasai lor… Din give me enuff details, even the building name is wrong. Fuck up… Spend at least 1 hour to mak sure i’m right. Some more meet her up at jurong, purposely bring her to her work place.

So my shopping trip was drag to as late as 4pm. The PC fair is crowded by then. Wonder dont they need to work. So many ppl… And the passageway is really narrow. Sometimes you gotta force your way out when there is a crowd. Sian~ Got my boardband thingy settled. Bought myself 200 pieces of samsung cdr. Should be enuff, but i dun think i get the best bargain. Spotted a frend who i know 4 years ago. We used to work together somehow. I think we get too excited and we are like screaming and shouting and hitting each other. Hahaha~ Miss her so much…

With a handful of stuff from the PC fair, i carry on my shopping at the Metro fair again. I counted today: there are 20 female fitting rooms while there are onli pathetically 4 male changing room. Some more, at a corner of the female section, they provide a row of mirrors. Haha~ And i got myself the same tee i bought yesterday (this time round in white color), 2 beach pants.

Heez~ For those who long to see me after my trip, i took photos of myself… I’m tan… Hahaha~

This is my second day in Singapore…

Din really catch much sleep actually. Woke up at 8 plus in the morning, get myself prepared to meet ah bong, her sister and adam for little sight-seeing. Erm~ Adam loves indian’s culture. So we went to little india. Had our lunch there. The food is marvelous lor… Walk around, went to the temple to take a look. Everywhere is crowd. Adam seems veri enthu. Cool and cute guy.

Last stop is Sentosa. Feel quite bad because we couldn’t afford to pay the entrance fees for those attractions inside for 4 of us. If we gotta add them all up, it shall cost quite a bit. So we took the monorail around the island and went to the central beach. This is the first time i feel as though i’m a sentosa idiot. I’m like totally not familiar with the environment. Adam seems to like beaches a lot. He went strolling and soaking his feet in the water.

We part at Outram MRT station. They head towards the Kranji station to woodlands checkpoint. They are catching the coaches back to KL. While ah bong and me went straight to expo to te foodfair.

Din noe there are other fairs going on. Example: lifestyle fair, motherhood fair and my beloved metro fair. Bought myself a pair of b.u.m. jeans shorts and a black sporty tee. Erm… You cant believe this, but there are altogether 40 cashiers altogether. But i think i din really have enuff shopping today. Shall go again tomorrow…

Later ga jiao Lester at the food fair. Come on… It is so much crowded over at the food fair than any others. Endless eating at the food fair with bong. Bumped into Ya Zhen, Alvin and Jie Lin over at the food fair. Catch up a little wif Lester at the ‘back alley’ of the stalls.

Last stop we visited the suntec’s book fair. So much quieter… Our itp company have 2 booths over there selling their products. So keng a lot wif boss, ex-colleagues and serene. Boss even offer to send us back home. Another round of endless chatting.