Now is 3am in the morning. Haiz… Have been fixing the modem thingy till late afternoon until kenny jio me out. Called the service hotline and their operating hours is from monday to friday. Haiz… Try my luck again on monday.

Went out with our mr kenny hong in the late evening. Really long time no see. Someone botak lor. Met up at Orchard as usual for some shopping. Din manage to get anything but i did eye some spagetti strips in far east plaza. Hahaha~

Dinner at Scotts Ajisen Ramen Restaurant. Delicious and fulling. Blurp~ Followed by endless shopping towards the heeran side. I lost 1 of the Jackie Cheung’s canto disk in year 1. Found it in HMV. But it cost 10 bucks more than what i’ve originally purchase. Big hole in my pocket. Din buy lah~ See the other cd outlets (CD-RAMA, Sembawang) got anot.

Bong ganna psyco to come and meet us at Centre Point after her work. Continue chatting till like 11 plus. Proceed to Somerset MRT station, there is an annoucment flashing “Serivce Disruption from Newton to Toa Payoh towards Jurong direction”. So kenny ended up taking bus back home. Today is not his day. Ha~