Yesterday is a farewell party for the ns men… Hmm… Some of them cant make it, well~ Anyway, there is another make up for the others.

Lunch at Breeks restaurant, Marina Square. I dun fancy the food there. Perhaps, i prefer the buffet style. Heez~ Watch the movie, The Day AFter Tomorrow, at GV Marina. It was hot and stuffy until i need to take off my jacket.

Go ga jiao Serene at the book fair. Empty and quiet. Sales is like up and down. Dinner at Suntec food court. This is the dunno how many time i ordered the food from the same store ever since this food court is opened. Haha~

Chill out again at Pacific Cafe, Citilink. Ah bong always get so excited whenever she reaches the Suntec and Citilink compound. Haha~ Anyway, got the photos burned from Qin’s laptop. Finally gotta see our trip photos. I will post them asap. And my journal… Haha~ Still haven write. Hmm~ Still thinking how to organise them.

Arghh~ Have been fixing my boardband thingy till late nite. Sorry to trouble Lester. Pai seh sial… Still in the process fo fixing my stuff…