Ganna woke up by my younger sister ealry at 10am. Yawn~ Not enuff sleep leh… She needs me to help her to check the road directory to her part-time work place. Ganasai lor… Din give me enuff details, even the building name is wrong. Fuck up… Spend at least 1 hour to mak sure i’m right. Some more meet her up at jurong, purposely bring her to her work place.

So my shopping trip was drag to as late as 4pm. The PC fair is crowded by then. Wonder dont they need to work. So many ppl… And the passageway is really narrow. Sometimes you gotta force your way out when there is a crowd. Sian~ Got my boardband thingy settled. Bought myself 200 pieces of samsung cdr. Should be enuff, but i dun think i get the best bargain. Spotted a frend who i know 4 years ago. We used to work together somehow. I think we get too excited and we are like screaming and shouting and hitting each other. Hahaha~ Miss her so much…

With a handful of stuff from the PC fair, i carry on my shopping at the Metro fair again. I counted today: there are 20 female fitting rooms while there are onli pathetically 4 male changing room. Some more, at a corner of the female section, they provide a row of mirrors. Haha~ And i got myself the same tee i bought yesterday (this time round in white color), 2 beach pants.

Heez~ For those who long to see me after my trip, i took photos of myself… I’m tan… Hahaha~