This is my second day in Singapore…

Din really catch much sleep actually. Woke up at 8 plus in the morning, get myself prepared to meet ah bong, her sister and adam for little sight-seeing. Erm~ Adam loves indian’s culture. So we went to little india. Had our lunch there. The food is marvelous lor… Walk around, went to the temple to take a look. Everywhere is crowd. Adam seems veri enthu. Cool and cute guy.

Last stop is Sentosa. Feel quite bad because we couldn’t afford to pay the entrance fees for those attractions inside for 4 of us. If we gotta add them all up, it shall cost quite a bit. So we took the monorail around the island and went to the central beach. This is the first time i feel as though i’m a sentosa idiot. I’m like totally not familiar with the environment. Adam seems to like beaches a lot. He went strolling and soaking his feet in the water.

We part at Outram MRT station. They head towards the Kranji station to woodlands checkpoint. They are catching the coaches back to KL. While ah bong and me went straight to expo to te foodfair.

Din noe there are other fairs going on. Example: lifestyle fair, motherhood fair and my beloved metro fair. Bought myself a pair of b.u.m. jeans shorts and a black sporty tee. Erm… You cant believe this, but there are altogether 40 cashiers altogether. But i think i din really have enuff shopping today. Shall go again tomorrow…

Later ga jiao Lester at the food fair. Come on… It is so much crowded over at the food fair than any others. Endless eating at the food fair with bong. Bumped into Ya Zhen, Alvin and Jie Lin over at the food fair. Catch up a little wif Lester at the ‘back alley’ of the stalls.

Last stop we visited the suntec’s book fair. So much quieter… Our itp company have 2 booths over there selling their products. So keng a lot wif boss, ex-colleagues and serene. Boss even offer to send us back home. Another round of endless chatting.