Have been editing my backpack trip photos for the past few days. Flipped my albums and discover that i din develop some of the past events pictures. Sob! Sob! This shall cost me a big hole in my pocket. Sighh~ (-.-‘”)

Met up with Xing Cai at his workplace. Dinner at Parco Bugis’s Swensen. Ordered my usual favourite, chicken baked rice. In addition, i ordered the teriyaki pizza as well. Hmm~ Seems like ordering this pizza in Swensen isn’t a wise move. It sucks~

Suppose to continue another round of food nearby, but he suggested chilling out at Clarke Quay. Ordered 1 Vodka Sprite for myself and 1 jug of dunno wat for himself. Drink until i get so bloated. Try to “detoxify” myself in the toilet, push the door opened to check anyone in there. Well~ Just right in front of me, that guy pee without locking the door. My hands are like busily trying to get hold of the door knob before it has swing all right open. Man~ I’m too late. I din know i pushed so hard. Before i finally gripped onto the knob, it’s already three quarter open. Man~ I still need to apologise calmly “Sorry…”, pull the door back. When he ws out, he told me the door was spoilt, cannot lock. This is like total rubbish. When i’m inside, there is a latch to lock the door. Wat cannot lock? Simi sai? Must be drunk liao…

Stay at the bar till 2 plus to watch Euro cup, Denmark vs Italy. Too bad the atmosphere wasn’t really that crowded (plus it is a monday), if not that will be an excellent soccer watching ambience.

On call for a Mercede cab back home. I wonder why he always call this driver. But shortly after which i understand. A very young driver in his early 40s. Veri chatty, but chatty in a sense he shared the same topics and frequency like us. He has been crapping a lot and lots of dirty jokes and codes shared around. Funny~

Wake up peacefully in the morning, feel slightly aching in my kidneys area. Well~ I’m always veri concern about me getting the kidney problem. This concern strikes me again… Drink less, have a bland diet… Must remember… (^.^)