I have been like keeping myself so alert and sensitive to mobile ringing sound for the whole day. Keep hearing my mobile phone ringing, but actually it isn’t. Kinda like suffering from ‘Mobile Ringing, Nervous Hiang Syndrome’. They go in, i’m nervous breakdown. Hahaha~

Lester called me at 10 plus last night… Well~ Din picked up the fone in time, MISSED CALL. I quickly called back, but no reply. So gan jiong sial. Somemore called a few times, thought i missed this chance. Sad ah~ Heng heng he called back again… Phew~ He was doing his laundry. Hmm… Lester doing laundry…

Anyway, he nagged abit about me not picking up the fone in time. Btw, he is living at 4th level. Then we go on talking about the food inside. “Sucks!” he said. And that siao kia said “If you (i) really cook, i think you cook nicer than them.” I asked him “Xin ku ma?” (whether is it draining?), he replied “So far still ok… Just jogging only. Still light.” We like machine gun, blah blah blah veri fast. Time is so precious.

We were kinda interrupted by 1 incident: “Fuck! Shit! I think i drop my swimming trunks downstair.” Lester said. Well~ Of coz, he nearly did. But somehow it hangs at the latch or wat, so SAVED! Then the most interesting thing is their bathing session. I kpo lah, asked him about the toilet. He said “It’s OPEN CONCEPT” Hahaha~

Lester did saw some familiar faces inside: Zhi Wei and Chun Hwee. People like Alvin seems to belong to a different company. So far din see him yet. Then Jackey live next-door to Lester’s bung. Haha~ They got one another, so fortunate… Jackey called Laily instead. Let’s see whether Laily has anything to write in her blog.

P/S: Our Mr Kenny Hong Weixiong is in today… (T.T)