DHL Balloon

We tried out Uberburger last Friday at Millenia Walk. The ambience is excellent, but the burger are onli so-so. Probably I am expecting very fragrance burger bread and a tasting soup to go with it.

Firstly, we ordered the wrong soup of the day, a cold tomato soup. It is served freezing cold, as though drinking tomato juice. A bit chao qing (grass taste). Secondly, the burger bread seems freshly baked from the kitchen, but too bad it does not taste any special. My chicken patty in between is finely chopped. The texture is nice, however, it could be the spice used to marinate, it tasted like satay flavoured patty.

Lastly, the menu is innovative yet pretty easy for people to “misread”. Imagine your menu reads: Chicken Burger – 4teen.Ninety. Therefore, my dear thought his burger is $20 something, instead of $30 something.

Icon – Bugis Point
Adjacent to Parco Bugis, the newly set up shopping mall, Icon, holds quite a number small shops. The passageway between the shops is quite narrow, but it does give a more cosy feeling. Quite a place to explore for gifts, clothing and accessories…

Story Reading
I complete The Da Vinci Code. Well~ The process of solving mystery keep my eyes fixed on the book. However, the ending was somehow as i expected. Shall watch the movie next week. Hopefully it can bring some life to the story.

Meet Kenny and Sharon at PS on Monday to take the books. I have already build up the habit of reading a book while taking MRT to work. Can’t possibly waste that 20 minutes of my life doing nothing. Din expect the gathering to be so quiet. Acutally I keep thinking of conversation topic in my brain, just nothing came out. A bit pai seh~

The DHL Balloon
I have been eyeing for the DHL balloon that has been floating in the Bugis sky for weeks. Claiming that it will be the latest tourist attraction, the balloon can fly up to 40 storeys high. I am definitely going up there. Heez~ Probably take some photos from the high high sky.

Break Away
Wish to have a break away after I quit. Have some plans floating in my mind.