New Swatch Watch

Traders Hotel – Café Biz
Celebrated our one and a half year anniversary at Café Biz. Lester holds a Singtel voucher to this buffet which we can enjoy 20% off in total bill. The brunch was quite a good spread but no creamy chicken or mushroom soup to go along with my bread. Eat until I have difficulty walking from Tangling Mall to Taka.

Coincidentally, Bong is at Kinokuniya. So we took our time shopping for books and more books.

The Da Vinci Code
Surprisingly I have been very devoted to my book. Have been reading it when I am on my way to work, before I sleep and whenever I am alone. So far, I am till 66 chapters, coming to 67.

Feeling remorseful because I never build up my reading habit when I am young. Now time don’t wait for me to go back to my childhood. Predicted about 5 days to go to complete The Da Vinci.

Learning about the truth that reading is so important, I have a trade with Kenny: he lends me his Harry Potter series (again) and the Enid Blyton one, I will wrap these books up in plastic sheets. So as to all the 9 programming books on Lester’s book shelves. Can’t bear to have the dust coating them. (^_^)

Now I just need more books~

The Wild

It is the best animation I have seen this half of the year. The idea is brilliant. Brilliant focus on how the animals look, talk and behave. Still remember at the end where 3 insect characters (I dunno what to call them, but they roll dungs) rolling the dung, it definitely “taste” fantasy enuff in the animation world, compare to their ugly look in realistic. Non-stop laughing, touching at parts too~

Swatch Watch
Finally bought myself a new Swatch watch after emptying my hand for 5 years. I was a bit reluctant in the first place, still thinking of my dream watch from Calvin Klein. Yup~ That costs S$365 and it will still remain in my To-Buy list. Actually, I have the money but I need to weigh that against my future expenses in university. Luxury watch? Future expenses? Luxury watch? Future expenses? Hmm…

Bras Basah
Yesterday I left the office early to do printing in Bras Basah. Of course I still face some problems. However, the printers there are indeed helpful. A pity that I din know much as they do, if not, my knowledge will be widen again.

The Popular book store in Bras Basah has been renovated. It is like high class Popular. Books are very organize compared to the past. There are total of 5 levels, one of which is the café. I see that they have wide collection of designing, photography and art history books, not losing out to any of the Kinokuniya. I guess this will be the next frequent place you can spot me when I am back in school.

Sick and tired of working. The people here are still as usual: the Earth evolves just for them.

The newly appointed IT Director has started his work in the office. He asks me a question: what do you see yourself in the future? And what did you expect? Seriously, nothing~ I am concern with what I will produce, the product, definitely not getting myself into their strategic and management planning. Totally not interested.

On the second thought, if it is not because that I am leaving (my heck attitude), should I also be thinking what do I expect from the company?

NTU Tea Party
For the newbies to my course, we are invited to their Tea Party. Probably take this chance to know other friends and to find out more about this course.