A Letter To My Secretary

Dear Fanny,

I think you should put Miss G to powerpoint courses when you have a chance to. Sorry but to say it is really getting on my nerves when I need to do Mr R’s seminar powerpoint presentation, when he has a secretary.

Don’t misunderstand me, all the content is typed in by Mr R himself, I did the hierarchy charts and animation (which I seriously think she can do them as well) and these can easily dry my first half of the day. By the time he ding dong ding dong, there goes my full day. Mr R approaches me directly for this, probably because I know what he wants (but these are my assumption).

And I am not blaming on Miss G. She has been very helpful, offered her help, but I thought it will be faster for me since I know ‘how to’. When I leave, I also hope that you can stay out from all his “small matters”. Therefore, it is definitely worth-while for the long run.

Hope you can take my suggestion into consideration. Sorry if I sound blunt, but I am definitely facing a lot of stress.

Did I sound very mean? Be honest to me… I have been working under such conditions since my office expanded.