The Da Vinci Code Continues

Was very inspired by Kenny when he messaged me the other nite regarding JSP textbook. Whenever I think of him, I see books~

So I decided to continue reading my Da Vinci Code novel, bought on 12 December 2005, while I’m on my way to Kuala Lumpur. So a total of 106 chapters, and I have finished 11 of them (10 chapters when I’m in KL and 2 for today).

Cross my fingers, but I do wish to revise my Flash skills. Last week, me and chan went to Kinokuniya Orchard, can’t bear to leave the books. Caught something that I like, but hesitated to buy, damn expensive… I can get a cheaper one thru Amazon but I am still thinking. Hope to fill my rooms with books~

Didn’t fulfill what I always promise: to pack my room during weekends. I cannot picture the amount of room space needed for study and I maybe buying a new cupboard, a stronger one. But back to the source, I’ll need to pack first and throw away all junks.

I wish to have a drawing studio. (-.-‘”)