Have a really peaceful sunday. Ever so comfortable sleeping and tossing around in my bed till 12 plus. Nah~ Plan to sleep till 2pm, but seems like i cant simply control. I logged our conversations last nite. That stupid Oral B joke… Rather funny… Couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid sentence that i “constructed” at the beginning. You guys rocks on this kind of topic yar?!

Have been watching television, slacking the whole day. Sleep again at 5pm, but manage to wake up in time to catch Dr. Dolittle.

Recieved a phone call from Yi Mei. It’s always kinda sweet to hear from your ex-classmates. And i admit, they are the ones who take the initiative not me.

We are talking about the coming secondary school gathering. I’m told that the organisers have invited people from other classes as well. This shall be a crowded party. Geok Leng has the intention of dropping out from this event. Hmm~ Guess some of them are still not comfortable with the rest joining in.

Counted the days left… Hmm~ Still very busy and packed with different gatherings and events. I shall spare and make some space just for them.