I thought i can get away from the shadows of “MONDAY BLUES”. But seems like things that happened the moment i’m awake flare me up.

Before leaving the house, i hear my mum talking so loudly to grandmother over the phone. Veri noisy… Don’t bother to bid goodbye either.

Walk to the usual bus-stop for bus. And that fuck up bus conductor who i know since sec2 is there. He always make a big din out of nowhere, creating unecessary commotions making the peacful morning exceptionally irritating. Idiot! An indian lady is standing right at the end of the bus-stop and this fuck up conductor approaches her. He speaks in malay trying to interfere whatever it is there. The lady replied “You dont speak malay to me. I dun understand. You speak english to me…” The bus conductor just shrug his shoulders indicating he doesn’t noe english. Ganna suan… Though there is this feeling of shiokness, but this commotion has spoilt my first half of my day.