Went shopping with Lester and Jackey at Orchard yesterday. The same issue, i’m late for 15 min again. Saw 2 grps of people who i’m pretty familiar wif – DIT ruixiang’s classmates and DMMT tat stage B couple. Surprisingly, this couple are still together. Tat gal look so old, tat guy as quiet as a cat. But never mind tat, what i see could be the surface onli.

Shop through the whole of Orchard, and onli me, get nothing from my shopping list. Tried quite a number of caps. And obviously, i’m tempted to get 1 for the trip. Eyed 1 Converse piece. Pretty cool with it, but they say the Nike white 1 suits me better. But i’m still looking for those drawstring ones which u hide all ur hair up. Or perhaps, i shall wrap everything up in my scarf… On the other hand, tat 2 guys bought quite a bit.

Last station, we were sitting at this Starbucks cafe at Plaza Singapura. Hmm… There was this group of people sitting in front of me. But 1 botak guy caught my attention among them. Could be because of his tan-look, could be because of his eyes, or it could be his diamond earing. But of course, i did nothing to it…

Oh yar… Rui Xiang is going Redang with her classmates. So, i guess another group of ICT students are not going to the Dinner and Dance. Well~ me and Rui Xiang will not be able to make it to our secondary school’s gathering as well. Kinda think tat they failed everytime in this area. So sad, isn’t it?