It’s our last day in the company. We din really do any constructive stuff either. Busy packing and collating all the files in the company, writing ‘Thank You’ cards for our dearest colleagues.

Seriously saying, dun bear and dun wish to part. After our supervisior’s resignation, our life is so much easy and happy, endless joy and laughters each day. We get real close and build this bond onli at the last 2 months of our attachment. Our precious 2 months… Our boss, he is forever the peace-maker in our company. Oh yar… And he even empties our dustbins… Good hor? Though naggy at times, but generally a veri veri nice boss. Plus that spanish movie director in the company, we have finished 4 tins of his butter cookies. Not forgetting our motherly Josephine, always so caring. Li Hui, a small-sized gal who can eat so much, gets hungry so fast. Ling Jie, cannt tahan bong’s actings. Laugh until she cant control. And tat Keng, a kind-hearted bengster. The most monkey-like creature in the company, our onli hokkien entertainer. Beautiful composition…

Anyway, our boss throw us a farewell dinner at Turf City steamboat buffet. Let’s skip the process of cooking and eating. Towards the end, when we handed our ‘Thank You’ cards to them, everyone holds a different expression and response. Of course, everyone reads with a smile on their face. Hope we have touched them deeply and expressed our appreciation well~

Seems like everything comes to an end… Especially the parting at the carpark… As though we wont be able to see each other.

Wish them all the best in their career.