Thank God It’s Friday

Today is Friday. Today is Friday. Yes~ Today is Friday. Today should be a beautiful Friday.

I was woken up by my younger sister this morning. Lights on, hi-fi playing cd, repeating the track “Zhu Ni Shen Ri Quai Le” by Landy for an hour. “Can you lower down the volume” maybe i’m too soft she did not hear me. “Can you lower down the volume please~” struggling to open my eyes. By the way, if you din hear me, it was 6am in the morning and i have an hour more before my alarm sounds off.

At 6.50am, my mum and sister were talking so loudly in the room. I simply couldn’t get to sleep. Thanks to them, i have such a “beautiful” morning.

I finally get to rest on the bus. But a group of malay girls were yacking and laughing so loudly. I’m amazed by how cool the public remains. Don’t they get irritated? My thought: Everyone in the bus is such a tired worker and they need to be respected with peace and silence. Feel so much like slapping the girls.

Flashback of angry moments back in poly are terrible. I nearly throw a fork at Lester Goh’s head (or probably aiming at his eyes). I slam my files before, right on the benches outside tutorial rooms and the computer lab chair too~

I am not fierce. I am trying to catch your attention how unhappy i am with you, that’s all. Plain talking will not bring you anywhere. Violence will not stop the problem, but it does bring you somewhere.