The Devil Me

Mdm D: Can you call me when you are done with the template?

(Me called to confirm that she can access the document in the shared drive. And she called me after she reviewed the document)

Mdm D: Lay Hiang, I find that the company’s name flashes too many time. I don’t know whether is it appropriate. Where do you get the template from?

(Heave a big sigh and continue explaining reluctantly to this idiot)

Me: This is a template that I get from London. We have been using this for quite some time for many proposals.

Mdm D: But it appears too many times, I don’t know what people will think?

Me: Why don’t you concentrate on your content and we’ll discuss about this later?

(Phone hang up)

I am the only person in the god damn hell company doing designing. The dateline for this tender is tomorrow. Seriously, you shouldn’t ever ask about the design but work on your tender content. Don’t ever question where the source is from, you doubt my creditability. I am a professional, but never feel like so.

1 hour after the phonecall, I spoke to Ms N. I complain to her what had happen. I learnt from her till that minute, that hour, Mdm D has not begin on the writing yet. Goodness gracious me… Still wanna pin point on me when you haven do your part. The culture of the other office “Ai Zuo Bor Zuo! Bien Zuo Cok Cok Zuo!” (Hokkien lah~) Some more don’t even know how to format a bullet point. May she work till 12am.

I truly understand why the elder people feel threaten by the younger generation at work. I have seen these useless old people typing using 2 FINGERS, don’t know how to use MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel but working as a secretary or what we call the support staff (providing admin support to the rest of her department). Society is damn cruel, time is never lenient to wait for them to learn. For some, they don’t bother to, they just pass down all their shit to the junior, credits all to them.

Fanny had a private talk with me asking me to stay or take part-time for my studies. I am firm with what I want. After such repeated incidents, they never fail to remind me IT”S TIME TO LEAVE & THESE PEOPLE ARE UGLY.