The Story Continues

As per what happened yesterday, I offered Ms N help by coming early the next day. But she turn down my offer. So I decide to reach office the usual time.

As I expected I have to do the formatting for them. That group of incapable people, plain useless. The moment I overheard the call of Ms F calling Ms N to her room, I know there are going to be changes or something bad is coming. Either one is not a good news for the poor me working on the formatting.

Ms N came out and told me that they don’t want what was drafted by her, actually Mdm D supposed to provide the changes also, but nothing came out from her. We got the approval to work on that again, as they may not even make it to submit the hardcopy tender. Probably to prove them that we are capable. Everything was completed before time.

We also need to submit an online version via their tender bidding site. I know we need to use SingPass, a corporate level one. Mr K is the finance manager that holds the SingPass. When we called him, he replied that the other side has already submitted. God~

Fanny took over me for the binding job and was caught by Ms F. There was a loud commotion when I walked past the machine room. That’s it… Our effort has gone to waste. They were chased out of the machine room and 1 proposal is still not bind. Me and Jacqueline quickly rush to stationery shop to get it done.

It was already 3.30pm when Ms N left the office to the tender submission area. She received a call from the insurance agent that they are willing to lower the premium. Just when she is ready to submit the proposal, Ms F made it on time to put in hers. Actually, 1 company is allowed to submit 1 proposal. If the market knows the company is submitting 2 from different offices, it will definitely be the joke (fighting among each other).

Just that close to victory and we lost. But MY OFFICE really unites. This is the start of the wars between us. Too much sparks in the normal days. Regional office should be a supreme, super intelligent and tip-top group of co-workers (yes~ we still are), but was often suppress by the Singapore office (which is not the case in other company). The anger and frustration has made us declare war among ourselves. Crazy enuff but I simply love to see people killing each other. This is how I can feel that I am still breathing.

To think back, I wonder did they purposely mess up my template to buy time to complete theirs. And nothing came thru from Mdm D. Did she keep all the information for herself, trying to dry up our resources and propose to Ms F, she has another set? I bet it will still remain as mystery. This is business world. I smell blood shed~

By the way, I helped Fanny’s brother to design his wedding invitation card. Something i achieve this month at least. Hahaha~ Got another lobang, to design a pet shop name card. My colleague actually co-own a pet shop with her sister. Whoa~ That is my dream…