My Friends

After reading Wei Jyh’s blog, his April Fool topic shall be my topic for this entry.

I am once like him. There are many people in my life who used to be my good friends or very very very good friends. But somehow I dun make any effort to contact them. 1 holiday, I am as usual day dreaming, making out a list of friends who I want to invite them IF I have a birthday party to host. That was like around secondary 4. The list is actually quite short.

I thought it could be me. But I soon realise quantity does not matter. Maybe some are meant to leave a deep impression in me. Memories from primary school is nil, secondary school is only with my upper secondary class and a handful from the other classes, Polytechnic a gang of friends and working society that click of adults. Guess this is enough.

As for staying close contact, I may not be doing a good job still. But they live in my heart. So friends, the next time you see my invitation to my wedding, you should know you are one of them who live in my heart. Hahaha~