Shark Tale

It’s been a long time we meet out as a click – though still not the full click. Anyway, the more the merrier. Johnson just finished his field camp in Tekong. Oh my god~ He has a lot of mosqitoe bites, on his hands and neck. Jackey’s hair grow longer again. Ah bong fairer again.

We catch Shark Tale at Marina Square. Nice show indeed. We have very lively characters and strong vocal casts. Cool~ But you just feel that the movie is too short. Catch a light snack at Secret Receipe before heading back home.

After sending all of them back, Lester showed me where his camp is. It doesn’t look like one, rather a modern school. Later, we tried our way to Jurong Hill again. The other time we din went all the way up because the road is not lited, kinda uncertain where we go to. I’ve got early birthday presents from him. Thank you sweetie~

I’m looking forward to the coming saturday to malaysia again. Yes!!! After my backpack trip, i realised Singapore’s living pace is too tense and fast. With all the tall urban structures all surrounding me, i hardly can breathe.